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Guidance on NYC Airbnb Logistics

Hi There,

I’m currently host in Canada, however am considering moving my primary residence to Lower Manhattan.

Due to my work, I spend 6 weeks at “home” and 6 weeks out of the country, rotationally. I thought that due to the strength of the market and services available to hosts, listing my potential NYC apartment during those 6 weeks stints may help ease the financial burden of Manhattan.

For those currently renting in Manhattan, does this seem viable to you? Are the various services such as Metrobutler reliable and financially viable?

Goes without saying that I will hold off on making any definite moves until the Govenment in Albany makes up their mind.

Any feedback greatly appreciated!

If you rent for more than 30 days the legislation awaiting cuomo’s signature won’t matter. But I caution you, be careful of squatters who get tenant rights after 30 days. I would have them sign a standard lease even if you rent through Air

I was initially thinking of renting for short-term stays as a way of maximizing profits, however I get your point.

Does anyone have any experience with consistent longer-term rentals? I would be concerned about not being able to keep the unit occupied consistently.

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