Guesty Messaging service for Airbnb

Describe Your Experience: The nicest work to describe Guesty is thieves.

Pros: It’s a startup, so there are people who you can talk to. Sadly, they said they would resolve our issues and they continually kept occurring. We could not get our messages replied to in a consistent and reliable manner.

There are many other messaging options out there, so please look around and always read the feedback of the companies before registering your credit card with them.

Cons: The focus of their company is supposed to be messaging, which we had countless messages that even their automated system did not reply to, which we replied to and had to pay Guesty.

When you start they will charge for any past messaging that have bookings coming up, even if the agreed start date was after the guest checked in. We started with Guesty on January 20th and was charged for all bookings for the whole month of January. We asked why and they said it was how their system worked.

Lastly, after working with them for 6 months on many standard start-up issues trying to work them out together we decided to close our account as we had too many upset guests and bad reviews about slow replies and missed inquiry messages which did not allow us to get a booking. Once we closed our account, they charged us for every single future booking on our listings.

BE WARNED! If you have many listings and register with them then decide it is not for you, they will still charge you their fee for all future bookings. This cost us over $2,000 USD that they immediately charged to our company credit card bill. Another friend lost over $10,000 USD as he had many properties.

Spent 1 month and 2 meetings with them trying to get our money back and they simply refuse to return it without any valid reasons. They had many excuses and avoided the fact that their system did not do what they said it did. Bad style for a new company.

Role: I’m a user; I’m the administrator; I’m on the team that set up, implemented, or customized this product; I helped select or purchase this product
Time Used: 6-12 months
Frequency Used: Daily

Contact your credit card company, they can reverse the charges. I had a $1,400 bill reversed by Visa, you just need to lay out the events, and documentation.

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Why would you like to automate your responses to guests?
Isn’t that guests are looking for a more personalized experience when they don’t book through a hotel?
Therefore, why would you like to shut down the most valuable asset you can deliver?

By answering fast without real control of the quality of your answer, Who are you pleasing? Airbnb or the guest? If so, who you think is your customer?

If I’m a guest looking for my next bnb and I realize that some robot is answering my questions I will probably move on with your listing and look somewhere else.

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Good point, @Monica!

You should check out Superhost Tools. It’s free and I think does everything that Smartbnb does.

Can you post a link? I’ve heard of them, but give their name, quite hard to find on google.

I’m using Guesty since last September, and I’m having a good experience, all issues are assessed in a timely manner, about there charges, I remember they explained me in advance that I’ll be charged for all future check ins even the reservation was already confirmed and if I cancel I’ll be charged for all confirmed bookings. I tried other channel managers before and I’m really happy with guesty, I never had overbookings .