Guests who state they can't get into the property when they can

Hi, I’m new to this forum although I have been hosting for three year. Last weekend we had a “first” a guest plus 3 others (two couples) had booked for one night, I had communicated with them all the usual stuff about how to get here (we are rural but not remote) the access code for the key safe and further information due to it being the Easter weekend so therefore really busy regarding local restaurants etc. The accommodation is a self contained annexe to our house. They specified they would arrive around 7pm. We went out late afternoon to pick up groceries, returning at 7pm, the guests had just arrived and had gone into the house, so I went to say hi, they wanted to know where to eat, I politely explained due to the Easter weekend it would be unlikely they would get a reservation in the local villages(information I had told them in an email) but the nearest town would probably have some space. Off they went, meanwhile a message came through from airbnb stating my guests had been unable to check into the property and unless I resolved the situation they could demand a refund???. The message had been sent at 6.00pm an hour before they arrived. I messaged airbnb back saying I was confused because the guests had checked in at 7.00pm as per their instructions. I never heard anything back from airbnb. When my guests returned I spoke to them explaining my concern and showed them the email from airbnb, They were “unsure” about what had happened and he got the booking up on his phone and I saw something that gave options regarding check in, I made him click the option that said I have checked in, Question - was it a genuine mistake or was it an attempt to scam a free night? If i hadn’t read the airbnb email I wouldn’t have been aware, I now have to review them and don’t really know what to say, any advice?

It’s hard to say. Could have been a scam could have been a genuine mistake. Either way Airbnb would have contacted you and you would have been able to say: no they’re here.

I recently had yet another guest insist they thought they had booked a whole flat not a room. This is despite me messaging them immediately after booking with a saved message which explains that the booking is for a room with no kitchen access. I actually brought the message up on my phone and showed them where they had replied saying ‘yes that’s fine.’ The guest tried to say that they still thought it was a whole flat so I called Airbnb and informed them of the issue. Airbnb immediately contacted the guest with screenshots of our communication and also of the listing (called room and listed as a private room).

My conclusion? Some people love trying to create drama just in case they can take advantage. Good you were around and able to head it off.


People do not read - they just look at the pictures.