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Guests who NEVER SHOW UP and just don't cancel or message you back

I have had 2 guests in a row who have not showed up. I message them and they never reply nor do they cancel. It’s happened before but never twice in a row. Iam just not going to do anything. Have you guys ever had this happened to you. Of course you still get paid but I just wonder why they never show up

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This is a really good question.

We’ve also had two of these mystery no-shows in the last couple months.

Did they have any prior reviews? Neither of ours had any reviews. They were all friendly and had logical reasons for visiting. They just never showed up and never responded again via the messenger or mobile.

We alerted customer service just in case so there was some record in case they show up sometime down the road looking for a refunds or some other mischief.

I had it only once happened since I started hosting a year ago. I was worried: the woman said she was on her way driving and within hour away. Weather that day was terrible, rainy and windy. She never showed up and when I called did not answer. I am pretty sure something happened, hope she is ok.

Free money! Great! Weird, but great.

I did have this happen, for a several-night reservation. A man from the US living in Mexico, traveling with his wife and her son who were Russian. I always will wonder what happened to them. Yes, free money -but it wasn’t comfortable.

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Had this also happen once, I wrote to them that I would accommodate them another time when other bookings allowed; never heard from them.

sometimes people use the listing as an emergency stay spot, in case the first pick isnt availible at least they have something… other times its a space they use just for ::“hanky panky” … but sometimes the night doesnt always go as planned

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