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Guests who feel entitled to more

So I had a Guest who booked a private room with me but i was putting a new floor in my kitchen and decided instead to let him stay in my Airbnb nextdoor which is an ENTIRE place. So i upgraded him to an ENTIRE place from a private room booking. Then he wrote in my review that the place could use more tvs. I just felt thats pretty ungrateful considerring I gave him more than what he had originally booked.

What situations have you guys had with entitled guests ?


How many tv’s can he watch at one time. Guys a jerk, just write what you did here. Folks will see that he’s a nutter.

As I said in one of the treads, it is the guest that ask for a reduced rate or when you go out of your way. They are biting the hand that feeds them, that is what I call it.
This year no more special reduced rate, and I will keep a friendly distance, as you can tell some guest confuse your friendly demeanor as being a door mat.

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My first time staying in an AirBnB (before I was a host), my host “upgraded” me from a private room to a whole apartment. The problem was, I booked a room in Burbank so I could fly out of the airport the next morning, and she moved me to Anaheim, which is about an hour away, and I had to spend $60 on an airport shuttle. I guess I am not entitled because I was too nice to mention this in my review!

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