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Guests who don't provide ID

Is that possible that they are seriekiller, using fake passport or drugtrader or using fake creditcard? Do you think it is necessary that the hosts check the guests passport?
As far as i know some people steal other people bankcard and use it in hotel. Dont know if they use it in airbnb too?

Your well within your rights to check your guests ID but you need to clearly state this on your listing that you want to take a copy etc when they arrive.

Maybe you should quit hosting or posting lol


Most serial killers who book airbnb rooms seem to have good profiles and ids. Lack of an id usually tells me that person is probably an extremely paranoid host who thinks everyone that books with them is a potential killer, or destroyer of property.

Usually, profiling them by country or income level is the best way to deal with these serial killers. Knowing their religion will help you as well.

Hope this helps, Ms. Chen…


Airbnb does allow people to use stolen credit cards. If card is reported stolen before your payout then Air will cancel the booking and reopen your calendar. If card is reported stolen after your payout then Air says they will allow host to keep the money, and Air will reimburse the real card holder.

Aha! So that’s why people are taking such long showers! They are serial killers cleaning themselves up after a good night cleaning up the streets of Whitechapel.


Ah good ol J. Ripper hahaha

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