Guests who don't close/lock doors

This is my last complaint of the night, I SWEAR. :wink: Current guests have twice left the door open, and three times left it unlocked. I messaged them reminding them to close and lock doors, cited safety of the loft as well as preventing my pets from escaping, but it was just so ridiculously the most obvious thing that one should do, I felt silly even sending it. Either way. And that’s it folks, I’m out. :slight_smile:

Put a large sign on the door that says

If the house is broken into
or my pets have gone missing
YOU will be held accountable

Would you believe that I do have a sign on the door that says “lock me!” with a simple illustration for how to LOCK THE DOOR. I mean, people never cease to amaze me.

Please don’t feel sorry. You are right to be your guest’s behaviour is unacceptable. Rant away.

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Trust me you are dealing with the public and there are some daft people out there.
I used to run a large hostel and we would do everything possible to try and keep the place safe and clean. Guests kept throwing their cigarettes butts outside the door, I put an ashtray outside the door - people still would throw them on the floor- I put a sign up, verbally reminded people and made them sign a rule book - it made no difference!

Although it would seem obvious to most guests, make sure it’s in your house rules so you have grounds for asking Air to remove anyone who cannot consistently close and lock doors. It’s not safe and I would be very worried about the pets. Our dogs would dash out in a heartbeat!

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