Guests who do not clean up after themselves

What’s the best way to deal with guests who do not clean up after themselves.

For example:

  • not doing their dishes after they cook food
  • not cleaning the kitchen after they have made food (spills on the stove etc)
  • not cleaning the bathroom after use (shaving and not cleaning the sink after)
  • leaving their clothes laying around …

Every other guest I’ve had has cleaned up after themselves and it’s never been an issue. I do state in my listing that “I like to keep a clean house. If you use the kitchen or bathroom, please tidy up after yourself.” So this shouldn’t be a surprise to them.

Any thoughts would be appreciated!

Simply mention that you would appreciate it if they would clean up after themselves. I don’t do shared home hosting because from what I have learned is that you would have to have thick skin and be very clear with communication. You can also send a text and refer to your house rules.

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My first guests (in a private room in my house) left trash and food in the floor, so I made it clearer in my house rules to leave the space as you found it. I’ve left more cleaning supplies in the guest area, like a broom and dust pan, and wet wipes.

I think some guests will still be rude and oblivious but I think you’ll just have to be direct and tell them via the AirBnB messager so you have a record of the conversation. Tell him in person too.

I got used to gently bugging people to be clean when I had roommates but I had to really stay on top of them. Many of my roommates had me wiping up their hair after shaving, scrubbing their pee off the floor when they missed the toilet, doing their dishes etc. no matter how much I reminded them what they agreed to as tenants/roommates. I started hosting as an alternative to roommates!

I’m new to hosting, but my two sets of guests after them have been tidier.

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I share my apt with guests, so its vital they clean up after themselves.
I never used to have rules, but now I know it a necessity, just for my own sanity- i’m a clean freak!. (However, like my last guests, sometimes they dont even bother to read them, even though, before they book a room they have to accept that theyve read the rules). Anyway, so now i have decided to send a friendly reminder to all my guests before their arrival, to take a moment to read over all my profile and house rules. This will be added to the email I send about directions and recommendations, before they even enter the apt. Hopefully then things will run smoothly and everyones happy!

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Ps: One of the simple things I would write in my rules, would be ’ please help us keep the place tidy and clean by popping your dirty dishes in the dishwasher’. Most guests are good enough to abide by it. Off course you usually get ones with no common sense, so you have to tell them a couple of times before they listen;)

How old is this guest? This guest is either very disrespectful or just plain old clueless.

For some reason these people seem to think they are roommmates instead of guests…sheesh!

If he is very young and just clueless you might not even want to mention anything now (if he is leaving soon) and just send him the comments in private feedback to educate him of what Airbnb is and is not. But if he is staying a while then his behavior may drive you up the wall.

If this guest is older and you think he should clearly know better than I would just leave a negative review. Again, depends on if the person will be leaving soon

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Most of my guests have been amazing but these two are just slobs. I clearly state in my listing to clean up after themselves but no one reads it apparently :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll be talking to them in person as well as sending them an Airbnb message for proof.

Yes, I’ll be talking to them about the issues. And letting them know via Airbnb so that there is a record.

I have the rules but these guest apparently don’t read.
From now on it will be in the rules, in the message I send before they arrive and put up in the kitchen and bathroom as reminders.

They are younger and I think are used to mommy or daddy cleaning up for them.

Theybare staying till the end of the month so this will be dealt with right away. I’m not their maid and if the lyrics want me to clean up after them I’ll be charging an extra cost for it.

Pictures are being taken as well so there is proof of what’s going on.

I have known plenty of youngins who want a mommy to look after them, but one of my messiest guests was probably about 38 or 40. (I think his wife was much younger.) My messiet roommates were also in their late 30s too, but the fact that they were living in a room in a house with roommates instead of their own place may have meant they were not good at looking after themselves.

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Tell them. I do, and it works every time. I just had a couple where husband was a pig. He exxpected his wife to cater to him and clean up after him. But she was upstairs most of the time, and he was eating late, never washed his plate or put in dishwasher, crumbs everywhere.
I sent him a message, and it never happened again. I dont know if she cleaned or him,but since i told him, there was no dirty dishes or crumbs.
People have diiferent understanding of cleanliness, thats why they need to be told what you as a host expect

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When I show them around when they first arrive, I ask them to clean up after themselves in the common areas such as kitchen and bathrooms… most of my guest do so… if they leave dishes, the first time it happens ill ask them to do their dishes. i usually wipe my bathroom counters down every day or two when i have guests.