Guests wants a refund for leaving a day early after my House Manager alerted me that there was a large gathering

Hi Hosts,

Need some opinions. I have an Airbnb in another state. My neighbor there takes care of the house. I rented the 3 day weekend to a woman and 2 guests. I was told they were quiet. I received a call that a large number of people had descended on the house with camera equipment. I called my guest to inquire and she said they were just taking wedding pictures. I told her she didn’t state that in her inquiry and that I do not allow parties or large gatherings and it is stated in my AIRNB listing.

This am my neighbor asked them what time they were leaving (as he forgot I told him they were staying til Monday). the guy told him “none of your business”. I received a call from guests saying she and her husband felt uncomfortable so they were leaving a day early and wanted a refund.


Absolutely. You have no need to refund them a penny. Assuming that it was in your house rules that additional guests are not permitted, then it was your guests who were completely in the wrong and you should let Airbnb know about it - if you haven’t already.

I’m surprised that your manager tolerated this rudeness, by the way.


If I were you, I would be calling Airbnb right now and completely filling them in on your side of the story. Do this before your guests call and start making false complaints of how uncomfortable they are there. They may even say the place is not as advertised, etc.


Yes they were rude. My house manager is an older guy and very nice. They also didn’t like the fact that he went over while they were sitting on the porch earlier in the day, to introduce himself and to explain how to work the TV. Said they didn’t need to know all of the details. They are mad that he rained on their parade. Airbnb just confirmed that I am in the right. My listing clearly states max 6 people and no parties or events.


I am glad I called Airbnb and they noted. I told guest no refund and now they intend to go thru resolution. I think this is a case of “entitlement”. Some people think they do not have to follow the rules.


I sure hope your disgruntled guests don’t ‘leave their mark’ on your place and do some hidden damage.

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Sandy, She left house clean. She is just entitled. After reviewing correspondence i realuzed it was planned. She never mentioned her Morher in law had a house nearby and that her brother in law was getting married. She told me she was coming for festival. She also asked if there was air conditioning in all rooms which i replied “yes but its Oct in Massachusetts so you really dont need it”. So the sudden decision to taking the pic at my house was hogwash. She chose my house for air and the great light which is important for grooms families wedding shoot. All making sense now. My neighboor thinks they were planning a party. He heard young guys talking about getting a keg. “Oh my aching head”.


We get that kind of behavior because we are in a wedding town. The situation was handled properly. Your guests were not aware that there would be oversite on the visit and their behavior, and they were surprised to get plans shut down.

I’m in the “contact Air now” and “No Refund” camp. Entitled twits deserve no consideration. Don’t worry about any negative review from them. You do need to post a truthful-but-not-positive recounting of their verbal abuse of your manager and their trying to get a refund when leaving early.


Also be sure to follow-up all conversations with an email on the platform. I’ve had air read the messages and respond immediately on my behalf.

When the party happened - a message"I’ve been alerted that you are hosting a party…if you will review my rules you will see this is not allowed"

“Please be respectful of my property manager. Rude behavior is not tolerated”


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Great advice! You must let ANB know asapbevote the guests make up some BS!!!

That’s why my minimum is one week. I did 2-3-4 days stays and it’s always some kind of event or celebration. I had endless inquires that ended up in no bookings but now I have longer terms bookings where it’s either a family or working people.
Of course your guests are pissed because they were caught., But don’t worry , they broke rules, and they will not get any refund. They can leave early , it’s their problem.

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Curious…what exactly did the guests tell Air about their “uncomfortable” stay??

This is original request.
We are visiting friends for the weekend and wanted a place to stay during the cranberry fest, where we could be by the water and have more space to spread out. We are clean, quiet, and communicative. I am a high school teacher We hope to stay at your lovely place, it looks adorable.

This is email asking for a refund.

*The neighbor who was the caretaker for the house disturbed our trip
multiple times. He interrupted us when we first came in and talked for a
long time when we were trying to enjoy a quiet breakfast. Then he came
over again the next day and interrupted us as we took photos. Then on
Sunday he aggressively yelled hey come here when we were trying to walk a
few blocks away to get our rain coats. He made me uncomfortable the
first and third time he interrupted so we left sunday and did remain on
site because when you rent a home you want to be left alone and he was
being way too involved in our accommodations. We are requesting a refund
for the one night we did not use since we felt extremely uncomfortable
having this neighbor with a key right next door since he had already
come over three times in a less than 24 hour span. When you rent a hotel
they do not bother you unless you contact them. We did not ask “name of caretaker” for
help once and the disturbances were not welcomed for our private stay
in a quiet home. Please refund our final night since we vacated and
cleaned the property. Thank you.

Ahh taking photos was the groom wedding shoot and there were 15-20 people in the house. They came for a family wedding not a festival. Had she been upfront and asked me I probably would have been ok with it. She is new to Airbnb. She doesn’t understand that we “Hosts set the rules-not the guests.” The audacity of it all is mind boggling. If you stay at a hotel and have a lot of people in your room, you get a visit from hotel security. Entitled or what?

Oh I see…she is a high school teacher, and mentioned that so you would think she is a responsible rule follower…lol?

I hope the Air rep. does not refund them. Will you keep us posted of the outcome?


I don’t condone this guest’s behaviour in the least but did your manager really go to the property three times in less than twenty four hours? One suggestion is that he might need retraining. I wonder why she referred to him as the ‘caretaker’ instead of ‘manager’.

That, combined with the fact that they told him to mind his own business makes me wonder if he’s not showing enough authority with guests.

He went by Sat to tell her how to work TV because last two guests called him for help with remote and to let her know he was there if she needed anything, Based on correspondence, I thought it was 3 friends coming for festival. I sent him back later that day to ask about the gathering and groups of people entering the house-one with camera equipment-others with boxes. Sun he was walking dog by the house (his usual route-this is how I met him 4 years ago) when he saw them walking and asked what time they were leaving. He never spoke with the woman/guest who booked. Only saw the back of her head that day. Only spoke with the husband/boyfriend. Carl will be 70 this month, he is super nice and all of my guests mention how helpful he is.


Hustlers, plain and simple.


Just Say No.

And if they object, suggest you play by the rules and charge them your full deposit for the fact that they held a large gathering in your house without your permission.

Well my guest apparently got married on Sat. The groomsmen were using the house Sat for their photo shoot. Instead of being upfront she has turned this into a fiasco.

Thinking Airbnb would give her a refund, she has now said my caretaker swore at them. Foolish girl left me a message and said nothing about swearing. She also told Airbnb that only a few people were taking pics at house. My neighbor who lives across street, sat on her porch and watched the whole photo session. She even saw the bride walking down the street later in her wedding dress and congratulated her. I found the wedding announcement, pics and instagram photo of the groom and groomsmen (10 total) in my yard. Silly girl. Photos all over the internet. I would have been accommodating had she been honest. My 70 year old caretaker is so upset as she basically slandered him. He is a man of dignity and kindness. Airbnb said the message is private and a caseworker will be assigned. She has no idea that she is going to lose. Entitled brats.