Guests wanted to cancel one of the nights of their stay

Hi guys
I have a bit of a dilemma. A guest has just tried to ring me, then sent text when she couldnt get hold of me. They were supposed to arrive tomorrow for 2 nights. But now want to cancel tomorrow night, and stay in Derry, as she heard Halloween was big there. However, Halloween is also big in Belfast, so I am not keen to give her a refund for the one night. She hasnt asked for one though (Yet) so maybe doesnt expect it, but just in case she asks, what would you do?

I would say If they bring it up, just laugh it off, very friendly - "of, of course, it’s to late because you need to cancel within 5 days (or whatever your setting is) and then move right along to “So, tell me all about how it went in Derry!” And THEY have to start the ‘change reservation’ process - if they haven’t done so, it’s all on them.

Let us know how it goes!

Thanks dcmooney, I just hope they dont bring it up, just because id feel awkward refusing refund. However, I would of been booked up with someone else if the night was free, so shouldnt feel guilty! Ive strict cancellation on anyway.
They say they will probably arrive Sunday morning, which is okay as they’ve obviously paid for it, but they’ll probably change their minds again. Since they booked a month ago, they’ve changed their minds several times about their arrival times and plans! Anyhow, I’ll let you know how it goes :slight_smile: Happy Halloween!

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Good job having ‘strict’ on your policy. I’ve had people cancel one night and arrive for their stay a day late - they never mentioned the refund.

I’d say ‘enjoy the free money’ but I actually don’t. At the same time, though, of course we can’t give it away.

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Since you said she wanted to “cancel” then it sounds like they are fishing for a partial refund.

And if they are arriving in the morning then they are basically taking advantage of the 1st night anyway. I am guessing your regular check in time is afternoon?

I don’t think they expect a refund, just fishing for one. They obviously are aware of the strict cancellation policy, and that is why they messaged you directly. If they ask just let them know that once the calendar is blocked it prevents others from being able to book those dates. And with Halloween being a popular time, you could have easily booked. Not that you owe them an explanation, but sometimes it just goes over better with an explanation.

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Hey cabinhost, thanks for your reply. Hopefully they wont bother asking or expect a refund, because I could do without the headache;) Although my partner said, maybe I should of mentioned it in the reply to them that ‘it’s no problem that you arrive on Sunday, but just bare in mind you wont be entitled to a refund’, but I’m just assuming they dont expect a refund, as they didnt mention it! Anyway we will soon see on Sunday! I looked at their profile and they have used airbnb once before, so they should have a rough idea how it works. Well i hope!
Yep my check in is usually 3pm:)

I never mention a refund. If they ask to cancel or notify me of a cancellation I thank them. My policy is 5 days. If they ask about it later after they are charged I normally just copy and paste my refund policy.

Hey guys just an update! They didnt bother asking for a refund! And a bonus, wrote me a glowing review, all 5 stars :slight_smile:

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