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Guests walked out because of my tarot cards



It’s self catering accommodation so I think of it as between a hotel and my own home. It has my own personal stuff in there but not anything I would worry about people pinching.

The book on ghosts and the book on witches are history books. The most recent hangings of ‘witches’ took place in Bideford, near here, in the 18th century, so I was surprised that she objected to that. The book on ghosts, again, is documenting, in an entertaining way, supposed sightings of ghosts in the area. I can tell that it’s been leafed through so I would like it to stay.
I don’t know. I initially thought that perhaps I should remove the items but she’s the only person in two years of lots of guests who’s complained so I reckon that if I removed them it would be a form of censorship and they do fit in with the gypsy/ traveller style furnishings I have.


I tried in the late 80’s. I tried again after I got a motorcycle. I couldn’t get into it. I think you need to be high.

The small collection of books I have in my rental center on the natural west like Desert Solitare by Edward Abbey, John McPhee’s Basin and Range, some old El Paso history books, some old travel books and of course the sacred text that should be required in every Airbnb rental: The Airbnb Story.

I agree with @Allison_H that Airbnb’s are supposed to have the personal touch. I wouldn’t rent an Airbnb from people with overt Christian symbols and messaging in their listing due to the chance that I’d be supporting something that I have strong animosity for. And I’ve previously stated that I have strong messaging in my listing so that anyone who objects to my values can be warned. The impersonal rentals that the host doesn’t live in that are run as investments should probably be stripped of such personal items.

Of course you have. For many in the Western world the Bible is the most beloved text in history. It’s not just a book it’s holy. For others of us it’s quite the opposite.


At least they have verifiable facts in them.

Current thinking about ‘bibles’ is that they need to be kept away from children, with all the condoning of murder, sexual aggression, misogyny, etc. So be aware that adding a book like that in your space is setting you up for lawsuits by concerned parents. Just sayin…


Being an atheist, I don’t have any bibles, but I do like the New Testament. I agree that the Old Testament is pretty gruesome in places. I want guests to feel uplifted and de-stressed so I’d probably pick secular Buddhist literature.


@Gillindevon Gill, I think that the décor should leave no room for any political, sexual, religious or racial “overtones” – Tarot cards may be offensive to some people (not offensive to me) as would, possibly, crucifixes, African tribal masks, etc. Guests want to feel “at home” so we need to offer an environment that can’t possible offend sensibilities and that anyone/everyone can relate…


@Gillindevon, @Rolf Years ago I had to investigate claims of workplace religious discrimination because a “people manager” had a bible on her desk at the office and some of her employees felt she favored those who attended her church…to me, bland is best…


@Annet3176 Annet, while I understand your motto “my rental my home”, I respectfully disagree; we are running a business and don’t need to “advertise” our personal choices in areas where guests access…


Yes, I had thought Tarot cards would be acceptable but obviously they weren’t. As for the history books on ghosts and witches, they remain- removing them is a step too far. It’s a business but it’s a business which relies heavily on the owner’s own taste and creativity in making the place individual and unique. I have Tibetan prayer flags between trees. I’m not taking those down because some religious extremist objects. We have the bland hotels and guests are free to choose them. Airbnb is supposed to be different. As I have never used tarot cards myself, I’m going to have a good look at them and research them before deciding. I do also have some small wooden talismans from New Guinea on the bookshelves. She didn’t pick up on those. How far can this be taken? I don’t have vegans objecting because I leave some milk in the fridge.
I’m so pleased that I posted here. It’s extremely useful to have different opinions, ones you hadn’t thought of before.


I stayed with a relative in Miami abt five years ago, literally a couple of nights. Returning to London there was a sealed Bible on top of my clothes in my luggage!! When she got in my suitcase is beyond me but I had no hesitation and I tossed in straight in the bin outside! I find it such flaming cheek! I have one in my house for reference purposes only.

I understand some people find Tarot cards and Ouija Boards “satanic” but you are not asking them to take them when they leave. The entire Airbnb thing is so far removed from the original idea, somewhere to rest your head thats not a hotel. smh.


I have prayer flags on my front porch. In the Airbnb room there is a Buddha head bookend, Buddha teaching hand and another set of non-traditional prayer flags. I’ve hosted over 600 people and have over 400 5 star reviews. I haven’t had any problems. I do think one ex military chaplain may have been uncomfortable but he didn’t leave a review or say anything to me.

I don’t depend on this income and I’m not going to make my room into a bland reproduction hotel room. This is my home. If it were an investment property I would probably act differently.

I’ll message you my listing.


See, this is where I differ. I literally advertise a space I created by my personal choices. In my listing you sit on my grandmother’s velvet couch, set your glass on my great-grandfather’s trunk, look at photos I’ve taken in my world travels, peruse books I’ve personally read (everything from Hellenistic philosophy to horribly written vampire novels). Rather than something I need to hide, my personal choices are why they chose to stay with me over a condo lacking in personality located 2 blocks closer to town.

Airbnb wants to fight discrimination? Well here’s that exercise in action. My door and my mind are open to anyone. If someone is so challenged by ideas that they can’t handle seeing a book on my shelf or an item of decor, they need to reserve a hotel or aforementioned bland Airbnb condo, not an eclectic and personal space. I’m not playing this game with neutering every element of my home to avoid some pearl clutcher’s imaginary offense.

I vote you keep your tarot cards, @Gillindevon. I find them to be fitting with the unique character of the space you advertise.
Let me tell you…last year I had a guest take me to task over my back garden. It bothered me for weeks and affected how open I was sharing the yard with other guests. She was one rotten woman and I shouldn’t have let her critical words affect me so much. The reality is I’ve heard scores of happy things about my yard and hers was the only critical voice. Why should that critical voice carry greater weight? You don’t know how many people found the cards charming or had a fun time reading fortunes over a bottle of wine in their gypsy rental.

The world needs more personal expression of ideas, and respect for others’ ideas, not less.


I agree with @Allison_H and vote for keeping the tarot cards too, or anything that makes your place yours. As long as nothing stands out as “in your face”, then I wouldn’t see an issue…

It’s not so much “a” business as it is “your” business and you only can know what makes sense in your rental. I understand that some hosts manage a less personal accommodation, especially if they’ve determined this is what works in their area and their target audience for their listing. And actually when I travel for business and use Air, that’s also pretty much what I’m looking for, a regular clean place in a convenient location with Wifi and that’s it. I don’t care if there is even a painting on the wall.

But when I’m traveling for vacation, to visit a new city or country, I actually look for a place that feels more personal, in a way. I look to stay at “Jane or John’s place”, rather than at “apartment A or B in the building 1”. So by keeping your cards, you may lose some business indeed, you may have a few guests that are annoyed, and even maybe some mentions in the review, but you may also get some guests that feel you entrust them with personal items and find in your listing the particular experience of living at someone’s place, and sharing an experience, they were looking for.


[quote=“Malagachica, post:27, topic:29399”]
Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance (has anyone ever actually read that book?)
[/quote]Timidly raises hand… Yep. I did. But I’m an avid reader and will read anything, including the backs of cereal boxes at breakfast. I will say this…it wasn’t as hard to get through as War and Peace.


Ha ha. I tried to borrow Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance from a local library back in the 1970s but it was always out so I got Zen and the art of archery instead. That was fascinating and very readable. I loved it!
I’ve never read War and Peace either :slight_smile:


I’ve read both, and after that, all of Alexander Solzenitzen’s novels. But then I was in a remote construction camp for a summer. :green_book::blue_book::orange_book::blue_book::green_book::books::books:


I was once on a boat going up the Nile in Egypt and ran out of English reading material and had to start on the manual for the camera and the sugar packets. A really low point. We had already exhausted the novel we had cut in quarters to share. I still remember the relief of getting to Cairo and finding an English bookshop.


Yes, running out of reading material is a situation I try hard to avoid at all times! Kindle has helped a lot with that. As long as my battery holds out, I am good to go!


I also am in the camp that you should keep your cards! I don’t really have anything personal in our unit except our wine glasses. They have been collected over years of attending an auction that funds a low cost spay/neuter clinic (I work at an animal shelter and have been involved with animal welfare for years). The take home were the wine glasses with the logo and a little message about spay/neuter on them. I also have a couple of photo books of rescue dogs. I guess if I offend a purebred dog breeder at some point I’ll worry about it then. I am not religious but would not be offended by a bible as long as it wasn’t blatantly in my face.


hmm tricky how to put your personality, interests and sense of the place; its history and mythologies into the spaces you rent out without offending people of different faiths interests and ages - the beauty of airbnb after all we can all be ourselves = I would say not everyone is going to agree with your world and some will take a hard line over it - dont be discouraged just either make the space more nuteral and take them out or go full on and add books about history mythical information local superstions places to go see in the area that have those histories promote it as such and attract only guests who are interested in these topics and philosophies . good luck with whatever you decide to do- even if that means doing nothing


Not yet, you don’t…:stuck_out_tongue:

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