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Guests walked out because of my tarot cards



Tarot cards.
Hi, I enjoy reading topics and tips here and find comfort in discovering that others have similar experiences to me.
I’ve got a cottage and a wagon which I rent out. I’ve been renting the wagon out for a couple of years now and it’s gone fine until this evening when a guest has walked out. She messaged me after she left, saying she finds the tarot cards and related items have made her feel uncomfortable and she feels very strongly about this. I messaged her back saying that I only got them to go with the board games and I would be happy to take them away. She replied that it was too late as she had already left. The related items were a book on North Devon ghosts and a book on Devon witches. These were historical books really as I thought people might be interested in them. These aren’t the only books or cards. There’s a couple of shelves with a wide range of reading material. We try to cater for all tastes. We also have books on birds, butterflies and insects and have a pair of binoculars for guests to use. We also have Scrabble, ordinary playing cards, a board game called labyrinth and a jigsaw puzzle. I’ve never had this happen before. She said she’ll pay and won’t leave a bad review, but I suppose I should take out the tarot cards. Perhaps they are controversial. I’m not taking out the books on ghosts or witches, though. I really think that’s going a bit far. I just wanted to find out what other hosts think. Thank you:)


I’d say those cards ward off evil spirits. I’d keep them. I think I’ll get some for my Airbnb room.

For the future put a photo that includes a picture of the shelf where these items are displayed.


Thanks for that KKC . Perhaps I could send you mine :smile:


I do too. But as hosts we have to realise that people are … well, let’s just say that many people don’t have the same tastes we do.

When I was getting our first rental apartment ready, there was a decorative mask in there - a sort of African carved thing, a bit tribal looking. I thought it was fine but someone who was helping me get the apartment ready suggested that I move it because ‘some people can be a bit funny about that sort of thing’.

Really? I had no idea. But I removed in anyway because you never know.

I think that the items you provided sound great and the tarot cards wouldn’t upset anyone I’d have thought - but there’s always one…

Better to be on the safe side.


I’ll put them with my Ouija board.


Some people have very narrow minds! I would find them interesting.


Exactly, Debthecat. I thought people might be interested to look at them. And they didn’t have to as there are other things if they’d prefer. But, nobody has ever said, ‘Wow, I love tarot cards. I’m glad you’ve got these’, so I think I’ll play safe.


As long as these items are on a shelf to peruse if the guest is interested and not the theme, this is no different from me placing a Bible in my rental’s bookcase for reading if they wish. It is not a requirement for rental.

But people can be different from me. One guest placed rattan woven crosses over each of the doors & in the kitchen. I noticed them when I was in the condo doing a quick repair. I didn’t have time to pull the step ladder out of storage and take them down. A few guests later, the crosses were gone.


I would remove them. I think you will find more uptight guests in the future people are weird. It is too personal to your taste. Just like the bible or book of morman or religious items someone will always take offense. What is the best business decision?



I would not like that and would let you know in the private feedback just as I did when the book of morman was on the table at a place in Hawaii, and all the catholic stuff at another place. Too personal, anyone who is so into the bible that they read it while traveling would have their own. What is the best business decision? It would never cost you business to not have it out, but it could cost you business to have it out if nothing else repeat business.




Your choice. My rental. My home. I’m not making you read it. It is in the bookcase.

Would you criticize the tarot cards & ouiji board? Same concept of personal values except different types.


Remove what? The crosses? I had planned to but didn’t have time that trip. Some one else removed them which was fine with me.


Yes I would, its the same thing. Too personal. Again I would say something in private feedback not public. Private feedback is a place to be honest and helpful the way I see it.



That was directed at the OP, about the tarot cards but for me its all the same, too personal and not good business.



As aa guest this would be very disconcerting. While Tarot cards can be seen as pleasant diversion, a bible infers a commitment to magical thinking and a host that is transmitting a ‘belief’ that makes so many people uncomfortable. To many, it casts a pall over the experience, since the baggage of everything from pedopheliac priests to wars based on ‘beliefs’ to ‘covert’ will instantly dampen any feeling of ‘fun’ on a vacation.

I vote ‘maybe’ on Tarot cards and witches, and ‘no’ on religious symbols and texts…


Interesting—do you give feedback to the Marriot for having a Gideon Bible in one of the drawers? There was one in the drawer of the Marriott in Dallas I stayed in not too long ago


No in that case I would just toss it.

Not personal there.



The beauty of home rentals is it is not a generic homogeneous experience. You run yours your way. And I will run mine as I wish.


What is in the room isn’t yours to take or dispose of. Would you toss the coffee pot if you didn’t drink coffee or need hot water? Do you throw away towels? If you didn’t like the art do you place it in the dumpster? None of those items are personal to the hotel either.


Wow! I’m really seeing the difference between “Vacation rental” and “My own home” hosts.

Too PERSONAL? Isn’t half the idea of Airbnb that you are staying somewhere more personal than a hotel???

I have a lending library. Most of it is innocuous, but off the top of my head I know there are books on Eastern philosophy, female orgasms, trashy vampire novels, and Lady Chatterley’s Lover. None of those is set out like “YOU MUST READ THIS”, which I think can be the tone if a lone Bible is left on a table. If you don’t like them, don’t read them.

I can’t believe you would think it’s okay to throw away somebody else’s property because you don’t like the subject matter. Who are you, @RiverRockRetreat the f’ing gestapo?

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