Guests vanished

Okay so here’s what happened…

I meet new guests before my old guests checked out to store their luggage. They had quite a bit, two full backpacks and a small bag. I then provided them with a SIM card for free internet outside the place and the key to the place so they could enter when I’ve done cleaning.

Apparently they didn’t come back last night, everything is untouched… I’ve tried the contact email provided, AirBnB message, the telephone provided AND the SIM card’s telephone number, none of it works, the phones go straight to voicemail.

I’m not quite sure what I should be doing…? This has -bad- written all over it.

Any suggestions would be really appreciated…

I’ve had guests not come back once. Something happened in the middle of the night and they ended up in the hospital. They contacted me later in the day to come and get their stuff then attempted to get a refund via the resolution centre. I once didn’t go back to my hosts home because I ended up getting drunk and staying with a friend as it was more convenient. At the time (I wasn’t a host myself) it didn’t cross my mind to inform my host. I went back just before check out to collect my bags.

As long as you’re keeping Airbnb informed I would give your guests a chance to get in touch with you…

I totally get your concern but in all likelihood it’s unlikely to be anything major.

Where is your place? And what could have happened?
Are their bags still in your place?

Thanks. I’m reasonably worried non the less. I’ll hope they surface up soon. At what point do you think I should do something, and if so - what?

Could they be on a multiday trek just using your place to store their bags?

My place is in Germany. Both guests are US citizens (likely married [didn’t disclose that to me]) I don’t know what could have happened… It’s not the middle of nowhere, bus, trams and subways run all night and most people speak good English.

They were just going to out to see the town and come back. Their bags are still in my place, untouched as I left them. It’s all they had with them. When the left they had their phones (key and SIM card) and the clothes on their back as far as I could see.

If tomorrow morning they haven’t showed up, contact the police.


Could be. Recently I had guests who were staying here for two weeks. They disappeared for a couple of days. They’d been on a roadtrip without telling me. Because I’ve had guests do this before (but they told me in those instances) I’d just assumed the same thing had happened. Luckily, this proved to be the case.

Maybe they had other bags elsewhere (car, storage locker) and they didn’t want to lug them back and forth before they went on their excursion.

Maybe so, Guests do the most astonishing things :slight_smile:

As a live in host, I would be concerned. Not sure what I would do, but I know that I would worry.


It’s my goal to be a stress-free host. :slight_smile:

Our guests have a separate apartment so it’s different for me. My philosophy is that the guests are adults and responsible for their own actions. If my kid stayed out all night I’d be calling the police and the hospitals - you know what parent are like! But guests are a different kettle of fish - I aim to be not responsible for their actions or worry to about them. As long as they enjoy the rental, that’s the main thing.

A bit harsh of me, I think…


I am a bit torn to be honest. I am not their mother or caretaker, but this is a big city and people do dumb things. I know that I would worry. Not sure if I know what I could or would do. [I just can’t stop the worry thing. :wink: ]


I’d contact Airbnb. Perhaps they have a protocol for this sort of thing?
I’ve had guests stay here and disappear for upto four nights, Las Vegas, Monterey, visit relatives etc. mostly they have let me know.

That is such a sad story, I wish them well,

@Jacquo, your philosophy is one I share, where I wouldn’t do much regarding guests missing–not for lack of caring, but because I see them as adults who have full autonomy when traveling.

I’ve stayed in B&Bs where I didn’t come back for a few days, as I was off wandering different parts of the country–I fell in love with this village and wanted to hang out there. Only on day 3 was I like, “I should let the proprietor know.” Interestingly, my main reason was out of concern he’d think I’d skipped town and wouldn’t be back to pay the bill, and I wanted to alleviate any worry.


Swedes (atleast my Swedes) are all facscinated with Colorado bc of the nature not the pot. They can get better pot, much closer in Amesterdam. I have noticed that whenever our family from Sweden comes over they must move around constantly, 3 day here, 4 days there, back for a few days, off again for 5. You get the idea. Given the SEK to USD, historically good exhange rate and things being SO much cheaper in the US, my thought is they just want to get the most out of their vacation.

However, now with Trump and the crappy exchange rate I doubt you will see too many Swedes. Le Sigh. i know our family is going to Asia instead for holidays this year.


Unless he is a child, then the police have no remit to help in these situations @Robert_Dudley. He is an adult and can choose this way of life, even if he does have mental health issues.

In the UK we have Missing Persons Helpline and the Salvation Army. Is there something similar where they live that could help?

Any update?

I’d be very concerned considering they aren’t currently renting your place. If they are out just partying or something…then it’s very rude to not have contacted you.

If they were renting the space then I would not be as concerned. But it does seem strange to ask you to hold their bags for a few hours and then not return.

They are renting. That’s what worries me. And not very long either, their stay ends tomorrow morning. Still no sign of them. Phones are still a dead end.