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Guests think they booked an apartment, not a room

I’m confused. How is it that I and everyone who commented here can see it?

Every host knows that guests don’t read so I’m sure you can understand why we are baffled as to why you don’t understand that your listing says ‘apartment’ repeatedly.

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"A central apartment only two short stops from the central station and Arlanda Express. It’s 60 seconds walk from the metro to the apartment.
You will have the best sleep in the two brand new beds with luxury mattresses of memory foam.
The apartment is newly renovated with a modern kitchen with all needed equipment, like micro, dishwasher, and a coffee machine. There is also a laundry room in the basement.
The block is full of restaurants, cafes and stores so whatever you need, it is there.


The apartment was totally renovated last summer, so it is in great condition, no old dirt or flaws anywhere.

Gästers åtkomst

Library, living room, kitchen, bathroom".

Where in this description does it mention you are offering a ROOM in apartment rather than an apartment @Anna

Because you use a direct link. The ad is only accessible thru airbnbs site where you see the images I posted above or thru a direct link which I posted here.

Same respons for you, anyone that access the ad will read it before they book and it is also said above the text you quoted.

And what you seem to miss is that guests can (and clearly did in this situation) overlook the two brief mentions of it being a room with access to other areas of the apartment.

This is one of those situations where you need to ask yourself if it’s more important for you to be right (“the guest ought to have seen it”) or to avoid what seems to me (and most of the rest of the hosts commenting here) to be something you can easily avoid by rewriting your listing description.


Perhaps it would be best to write “Private room in a spacious renovated apartment.”


I would make that the first line of the description.


In the post over your former post, I wrote that I would change it.

How about calling it a private room in an apartment? We all know guests don’t necessarily read the details. You did come here for input on the situation. I don’t see how
Your responses to many experienced hosts will help anyone. That’s the beauty of this forum is to decide what makes sense to you and leave it at that. That being said your title is still misleading.


Although our listing is a clear as it can be, and over time I have worked to make it even clearer, a few people still get confused. Our solution? After receiving a reservation I send our guests a message that starts like this:

Hi (X),

Thank you for preferring us. You have reserved the (X) room with (private / shared) bathroom for (X) nights for (1/2) persons, check in on (day)(date), check out on (day)(date).

This way we communicate:

  • What they are getting: A room with a private OR a shared bathroom. > “Oooohhh, is it shared?” “Oh, it’s not an entire place?”
  • How many nights.
  • For how many people is their reservation. > “Oh, my friend (X) is also coming.”
  • When is their checkIN and checkOUT. > “Oh, I put in the wrong dates.”

A 100% fool proof system does NOT exist, but at least this small message lowers the chances of running into trouble.


Now I’m even more confused. The guest sees exactly what we do. Your listing isn’t only accessible on the Airbnb site - people can find it in Google and in other places where a link has been added

However, you asked for an opinion and everyone here seems to agree that your listing is badly written. The end.


What i’m really confused about is your unwillingness to make your listing clearer, at no expense to you. A lot of hosts here have offered opinions to improve the listing, and you have gone on the defensive, which further begs the question of whether the confusion is deliberate?


Why did you come here if you aren’t willing to listen to the advice given. If you don’t click on a filter and just have the dates - your listing comes up looking a cheap entire rental because of the way it reads. If you look at all the new to Airbnb guests that are now booking, you are likely to run into trouble!


Anna, Like CeeBee said, “You can be right or you can be happy.”

I had a similar misunderstanding with a guest and changed my description in the first couple of sentences to let folks know they were staying in a room, that they were sharing a bathroom with other guests, and the fact that I lived here…with my dogs. No more misunderstandings.

Clean up the language in your listing. It’s an easy fix or not, but quit arguing with everyone here who’s trying to offer help. Remember, PEOPLE DO NOT READ THE ENTIRE DESCRIPTION. They look at the pretty pictures. Good luck!!


I also thought it odd that the OP says they will change it at some point in the distant future. Personally if I had inadvertantly inaccurately worded something like this I would be thinking about all the bullets I had dodged up until the guest that complained and make the change immediately.

I fear the OP has said they will change the wording in the future for our benefit and has no intention of doing so, in which case they will learn the hard way as they will surely get other guests mis-understanding the description and giving them low star ratings.

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If you read this forum much, you would have seen the numerous comments about the fact that guests don’t read. You should never count on them reading anything. Some look at pictures and book without reading. Some book because it’s the only reasonably priced place to stay that night. But they don’t read.


I would certainly agree with that! Makes it VERY clear from the start, no matter HOW you got to listing that it’s not the entire unit but a room in it.
As many have said, guests often do NOT read details and CAN get to listings in ways that would not provide the screening/filter methods that you seem to be relying on.

Update: Seeing it in full English via https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/26213048 gives a bit more clarity but still the title should likely say that it’s a “room in apt”.


I agree. Change the title to say “Bedroom & shared bath in spacious apartment” or something like that. And say again, near the top of the first paragraph, that the listing is for a private bedroom and shared bath, NOT the whole apartment.

How can it possibly hurt you to be extra-clear?

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Umm, I think OP has left the building . . .
Maybe we should have a Vent Category with an auto-response: “In answer to your question, you are absolutely right to feel the way you do, or take the action you did, in this situation, and your guests are [select the appropriate response(s)]:
A. So Wrong
B. Complete Idiots
C. Deliberately Trying to Annoy You
D. Criminals
E. All Of The Above.”


This guy was looking for that category

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