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Guests think its the whole house


does anyone else get inquiries asking if its the whole house when its clearly a room in a house I have had people asking because they thought that they were getting the whole cottage . why would they think it was so cheap for a whole house ? I thought I made it very clear in my listing that its a room > anyone else ?..


It didnt happen to me but to my friend who used to rent 2 rooms separately in her vacation home. In Miami, 2 miles from the beach with a pool for 65$.
Yes, believ it or not :). People thought that in our paradise they can rent a whole house with a pool for 65$ a night!!! It was not just one person, but 6 before she put in big letters in her listing : Please, note, you are renting just one room Ina shared house. 4 out of 6 these confused people were so disappointed that they didnt want to stay and left. She had flexible cancelation then.

I think if it happens to you that often, may be you should do the same as my friend did.

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