Guests that rent to party

I have noticed a very prevalent trend of young women with no reviews who seem to live locally requesting to book my listings. It took me a while to catch on, but what seems to be happening is they book to have drinking parties with their friends, maybe because they live at home and can’t party there. I am a relatively new host so I didn’t catch the signs for a a couple of these listings and suffered through late night noise and puke on the floors after the stays were over. I decline anything that sounds fishy these days, but am really shocked at how many of these requests I am receiving. I would guess that as may of 40% of inquiries are situations like this…Does anyone else notice this trend?

That’s why I don’t do short stays of one or two nights. It’s most!y college kids that want to party and I don’t want them trashing my house. I do four or five nights stays which are usually young families or couples.

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I do allow 2 nights, and am not on IB. I had a request to book for 2 people 2 nights over New Years 12-31-18 start. He asked nicely to have 6-8 more people up on the New years day, said they would be very quiet and no drinking, but I became dubious, and str protective… If they want to book an event they can do it on Splacer, and pay by the hour for a small-8 party or a shoot or something. I considered it for a while…then I sent the dude a much higher special offer, he was miffed and declined. If it had been another weekend with guaranteed nice weather and not the 31st-1st and if I had more experience, I might have booked him at a better price, but I’ll never know. I blocked 12-31 now.


Do you have any experience with Splacer? One of my units has a 1500SF great room that for a while people were desperate to book for weddings. I used to be a caterer and know that renting for a large event isn’t worth it for a $600 weekend booking so I declined them and the eventually rewrote my description that I’m not interested in weddings at all.


Hi Dragonlady, no I don’t have any experience so far.
We are starting slow on air, splacer and Glamping Hub, also on Dwell, but not as a listing for str there yet ( there is a 25.00 per month listing fee on Dwell) .

A friend of ours who is a pro photographer may use our site next weekend!

There is site called peerspace also. You might look into those just to see, and book a few weddings at high hourly rate, could be perfect and better income for such an event.

Our place in summer could host up to 18 (for Party). My parameters are very specific. You can put in what ever feels right on splacer.

I’m afraid i’m going to be mother-hennish because my zone is so special…

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