Guests taking the piss

So I have a few questions on how people deal with these issues.
I find a new guest always brings one new rule for me to consider.
I have some guests who are clearly taking the piss. Leaving lights on, long long showers and got a 3 night stay want to use washing machine! They have not come from anywhere that requires them to use machine nor have they traveled extensively.
I’m thinking I should put a rule in place that you can only use the machine if you stay for five nights otherwise it’s £5 charge. I think that’s fair my rate is low, I allow them to use my laundry tabs and the dryer, if they went to the laundrette they would be paying £8 to wash clothes.
My guest book is being ignored and it’s only be guests from a certain part of the world. I rely heavily on bookings from Airbnb and would be hard to start to refuse these bookings based on what part of the world they come from. But one bad guest says nothing, but more than one from this part of the world distrespecting my home says it all.

@Asmoosy out of season we do short stays and those staying midweek are generally retired and don’t use the washer. Those staying over the weekend wash/dry clothes for the next week at work.
I don’t bother with a guest book, guests have chosen to stay and will have a great time. they don’t need to read that previous guests had a great time.

My guest pack has local information, house manual and house rules. Not comments from previous guests

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If you are a budget accomodation you should definitely charge for use of the washing machine. And yes, you have to keep adding rules. As for leaving lights on and taking long showers there isn’t much you can do other than ask politiely that they conserve. Maybe you could raise your price a pound or two. Many hosts here believe there is a relationship between the price of the listing and the kind of guest they attract.


Just to put the opposing view - a couple of years ago we stayed for three days at an Airbnb about two hundred yards from where we live (and our rentals). There was maintenance going on and we had to get out.

We were there for three nights. I did laundry…

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WE allow laundry use only if the stay is for more than a week. Then it’s a $5 charge to cover soap and things…

They came from London and before they even arrived wanted to use the machine.
It’s a very small load so they are defo taking as much advantage as they can.


Unfortunately it’s been very quite so I have to lower my rate. But yes low rates attract a certain type of guest I know that.

And are these in the community language of the guests that aren’t using your listing as you would like?

You can put a lock on the washing machine if you don’t want short term guests to use it.

I swiftly learned not to allow use of the laundry facilities, or yes, people will take the piss. Most of my guests are short term but I had a very odd mother/daughter combo for a week last Summer who expected to use the machine every bloody day for a tiny load. And don’t get me started on Channel Swimmers!


I stopped letting people use my washing machine for the same reason and because they would leave a load in and go out for the day/evening, leaving me to take their clothes out if I wanted to use the machine.


If it’s budget accommodation just charge £5 anyway. Usually that stops people taking the piss by washing 1 t-shirt and a pair of pants! Plus tumble driers cost a fortune to run. I have a laundrette near me, so I only allow 1 wash for a single person a week then they can use the laundrette if they want more. Funnily enough almost all of them cope fine with just 1 wash a week once the boundary has been put in place in advance. Plus, do you really want the noise of the machine going all the time?

Yes your right. After they use detergent and electricity it’s at least £4-5 and I noticed guests don’t even pick the quick wash, they choose the longest wash. I honestly don’t mind if they have been traveling throughout the world. But a weekend away isn’t necessary.

I have a 3 minute rule on shower times and put in a timer. It’s in the rules and there is a notice on the bathroom wall. Mainly because I am on a rainwater tank and have to pay $220 each to get it filled up 4 times a year. Mostly due to people “from a certain part of the world” where water is never in short supply and it is not unusual for women to take 2-3 x 15 minute showers a day. When people check in, if they are “locals” and understand our issues with water shortages, I tell them to ignore the 3 minute limit but ask they don’t overdo it. Most say they have the same rule at home so happy to oblige.

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They ended up leaving 4 stars, this is a great example of why these types of guests are the best to avoid. They take advantage and then leave good feedback which doesn’t reflect the score. It’s real disappointing.

And of course since you reviewed them honestly you gave them a thumbs down and mentioned the issues with their stay. Thanks for doing your part to help your fellow hosts avoid these types of guests.

We are on a rain tank in Hawaii too. We’ve had a ton of rain and the tank is full but people can’t take thirty minute showers. I always show them the tank when I mention being mindful of water use.

“Taking advantage” seems to be a theme in your comments on this thread. You sound quick to attribute a negative motivation for their actions and I would like to posit a counter argument: some people are just assuming they can do whatever they do at home. They aren’t trying to “take advantage” of you - they just don’t know.

Yes so negative that I’m a 5* superhost. Who’s got over 95% 5* reviews. I know people who take advantage when I see them and they where certainly taking the piss. I’m not having my home disrespected and unfortunately some people don’t realise it’s someone’s home.
Leaving lights on in every room and the lamp is “taking advantage” in my eyes and there is no need for this behaviour just to get your money’s worth.

I wish we could have a rule like that in the UK. It still has an environmental cost to process all that water. On top of that it ties up the bathroom/water supply and causes loads of unwelcome condensation.
I was at a communal shower at a festival once and the solar hot water (UK, really?) was in short supply. A woman was herding us along calling ‘Bits and pits and out you come’. I might lose superhost status shouting that.