Guests take bed blankets outside

What is a good solution to prevent guests from taking bed blankets outside on the patio to cuddle up in?

I’m thinking I should just post a sign. in the room saying please do not take blankets out of the room. I thought you folks might have other ideas. l could have a couple of robes, but I’d have to wash them every time they are used, so I don’t really like that idea.

Thanks in advance for your help!

I appreciate any feedback. :slight_smile:

Sorry I cannot contribute but I’m eagerly following this thread as we had guests who decided to take furniture outside :man_shrugging:t2:

I never thought this would be something I’d have to ask the guests not to do… Some are just really strange :sweat_smile:

"Please do not use the bedding on the bed if you want to cuddle up outside on the patio. In the closet, please find 2 ‘outdoor’ blankets to use outside. "


I would get a few blankets and put them in a basket by the patio door. Maybe include a sign that labels them “Patio blankets” or something like that.

Here in southTexas we have a lot of the Mexican serape-type blankets, which are great for outdoors.


“Please do not use the furniture in the room if you want to cuddle up outside on the patio. In the closet, please find a room full of extra furniture to use outside.” :rofl:


Maybe you can provide throw blankets on the sofa that they can use but that too would increase your laundry load.

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We provide many blankets of all kinds and several are on the patio when guests arrive for them to use as they wish. If your guests do use the bedding blankets outside, maybe change to duvet covers style - no top sheet- and those would be washed anyway. There are many types that can be washed, I’d just get more. You want your guests to be comfortable. Right?

We have an inside bed and an outside bed and usually two guests who are a couple. To save washing I ask them to bring the sleeping pillows and duvet from inside to outside if they want to sleep in the outside bed.

We have not had any problem with moving furniture that’s because generally there is enough in all the spaces.

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I assume this has happened more than once? If so, I would definitely provide some outdoor throws. Maybe light fleece, which is warm, but won’t take up much space in the washer. And they may not need to be washed after every stay, like bedding- I’d opt for colors or patterns which won’t show every dirt spot, and wash as needed after inspecting.

I’d keep them on the patio, rather than in a closet or shelf inside, so guests don’t end up using them as bed blankets, that you’d have to wash each time.


Thanks for your reply…I guess if it happens again, I might put it in the instructions. :slight_smile: I’m just seeing other hosts chiming in so I’ll see what else is out there to help with this.

Best wishes, Pam

Thanks for the input. That makes sense…and it hasn’t happened more than once, but it could. :slight_smile: I live more in the country so would be concerned about bugs climbing in an outdoor storage area, but I do have room for a basket type of container that would have some throws. I could have instructions to put them into a different basket outside if they take them outside and would wash them. Interesting idea. :slight_smile:

I live in buggy area, too. Just put them in some kind of bag that zips up. A small duffle bag or something. If the bag isn’t attractive, put the bag in a storage box or basket.


Makes sense! Thanks a lot, Pam

They will take the blankets outside regardless of what you say, so provide blankets. Extra laundry is the cost of providing 5-star service to your guests, and they are telling you what they want. Snuggling up with a blanket outdoors sounds wonderful. Provide a great experience.


Provide different blankets to take outside.