Guests supposed to arrive today no contact?

My guest is supposed to arrive today, check in in a few hours, and I’ve had no contact I try to ring them and txt and Airbnb message and still no answer,

They haven’t messaged me since march

What do I do

If they don’t come by two hours after check in I would open a case with Air. If they do come I would give one star for communication


Also I meet the guest to let them in, so I don’t want them to arrive and juts be waiting there.

If only the guests were as concerned about you. When I first starting using Airbnb, before hosting, I really didn’t get this. I just assumed check in time was the only time I could check in and wondered why some people had (what seemed aggressive) demands on their listing ‘you must call us, not text or message, 2 hours before arrival’ etc. I still find such an approach inflexible and not guest or international traveller friendly but I think I have a happy medium. I have it in my listing CLEARLY but remind guests through message when they book and about 5 days before arrival of my expectations. They must let me know 2 days prior their expected arrival time ‘after 2pm’ and method (flight arriving at x airport) so I can understand if their timings are realistic. They often then ask for early checkin and I agree or of and charge in booking or via early resolution centre.

And I make it clear that this is so I can ensure someone is here, I will not be home to greet outside of an agreed time, and they can’t get in. If they are delayed on the day or change plans they always ask me first now and I accommodate whenever I can but I font wait around for guests, if they are 2 hours late as they stopped for lunch. I say no worries but your new time of 4 doesn’t work for me, I have a class booked but I will meet you at 5:30pm. Enjoy x or y nearby.

. On the very rare Occassion someone doesn’t communicate, or insists they are arriving early. they can’t get in until they have an agreed checkin time with meI I make sure by going out

Interesting perspective. I have actually become more relaxed about check in times, but only after they have talked to me about their arrival time. If they are coming by plane, I ask for the flight information. If they have to go through customs or are renting a car, I ask that they send a message when they leave the airport. And, if they are driving, I find out where they are starting from and give them a major highway location and ask for a message. When they don’t have a USA data plan and are driving, there isn’t much they can do but try to arrive at the pre-arranged time.

However, unlike someone like @EllenN, my guests have been very good about getting me arrival times.

I also work from home which helps. However, I really don’t want to have bread dough all over my hands when they do show up.

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I don’t mind if they arrive between 4 and 11pm, and even later but ONLY if it is a verifiable flight situation. But they must give an ETA… The days of me waiting up until 2 or 3am while guests go to bars or out to the lava flows first are over. If they can’t get here by midnight they are not getting in.

And by the way, the last few hotels I stayed in had a check in deadline. The smaller hotels don’t have 24 hour desks.


I stayed in a smaller hotel in San Juan Costa Rica. Luckily they either waited up for us or have 24 hr staff. My friends from Indiana arrived much earlier and were able to let them know we’d be delayed but they had no idea where we were until past arrival time. We were supposed to land around 6:30 and should have been at the hotel between 8-9pm. Instead we circled over San Juan for hours before they landed in Libera, CR and then bused us to SJO where we got a taxi to the hotel arriving around 2 am. Sometimes you’re stuck with no contact when you are on a flight. Someday all planes will have free internet and then our guests will have fewer excuses.

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Same with my hotel in Kyoto. They waited up for me. I didn’t get in until after 9pm.

I make it part of my house rules that guests need to provide me with an ETA within my check in time as I do personal check in’s.

A few times I have had a message guests a few times to get this.

I have only had one situation where I haven’t got it. I contacted Airbnb and said they would need to contact the guest if the booking was to proceed. They got hold of them.

Personally I wouldn’t wait to the same day and be left hanging around without an agreed check in time.

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Helsi knows the deal! In fact, I would have called Air before the arrival day and told them to cancel these asses without penalty to me. I realize my situation is different, but I do NOT put up with no communication.

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Erm, when that happened to me (no show) I just kept their money. I took pity on them and made some effort – emailed that fake email address that Air supplies after the second night to remind them to cancel, as they did not respond to an Air message. I have a separate entrance with self check-in however, so no lost sleep on my part.