Guests staying soon for 4 nights want another guest to stay for one of those nights

I have 2 guests arriving on Monday and they have just messaged to ask if another guest can stay for one of their nights. The base price is for 2 guests and I have an additional guest fee per stay. Not sure what to do; should I ask them to amend their booking? Any help much appreciated. Thanks.

Just change the reservation to include one extra person and have them pay the fee. If they won’t pay, the extra person is not allowed inside.

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Thank you Sarah. I’ve made a mistake… my listing is for 2 guests only so I cannot change the reservation to record an extra guest. I’m sure I had my listing to set an additional fee for extra guests but I guess something has changed. Any other ideas?

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You can send a request via the send or request money button. That goes through the resolution center so it won’t appear in the message thread with the guest. Tell the guest that airbnb will send them an email with a link to click on to pay.


I’ve had this several times. (Our rentals each have only a queen bed so our published maximum occupancy is two people). I tell the guest in the message system that I’m happy to accept the extra guest for just the one night at no extra cost as long as they require no additional services from me such as more towels, bedding etc.

Every single time the guests have been fine with this. Because it costs me no extra then I don’t charge them extra.

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At least they asked for permission instead of just bringing the person without telling you! We charge for extra people above groups of four in our house.

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Thank you all for your help. I’ve sent through a request for a nominal fee. The guests wanted their son to sleep on the floor and I just could not accept that! I’ll see if the guest accepts the small additional charge and will let you know the outcome. I really appreciate everyone’s input.

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Quick update - the guest has accepted the charge and it’s been confirmed by Airbnb. Many thanks again for everyone’s help.


Awesome! So glad they didn’t try to get out of paying the way people do sometimes.