Guests stayed; trashed place; now no trace of booking/emails

We had a couple book via the app on November 28. They came the next day, as booked, and left on November 30. They trashed the place. It was filthy. I was waiting for the prompt to review them, but it never came. I scoured my dashboard - no reference at all to their booking. We corresponded, for heavens sake! There were at least three messages from me. And there is NO PAYMENT. What happened? Does anyone know. I understand it’s pointless trying to contact Airbnb. I sincerely hope they get their act together. Will this keep happening, and to others?

I’m sorry you had this bad experience, and I’m wondering why you think it’s pointless to call Airbnb? You should definitely call them and ask why your payment has not bee issued. You can find the customer service number for your country in a thread pinned to the top of the list of topics here.


I’ve NEVER heard of this happening. Are you only listed on Airbnb? You should certainly call them!!! Immediately!

And don’t hang up until you get more of a response than “we’ll look into it” If you don’t get an answer you like, ask to speak to that person’s Supervisor, and keep on going up the chain until you get a real answer.

Why do you think it’s pointless to contact Airbnb. it’s the only way you will get this issue resolved.

Give them a call. Say you haven’t been paid.

If you need to put in a claim for damages, hopefully you have photos and video’s as proof. You need to make a claim before your next guest arrives. (Airbnb Help Centre has information on the Airbnb Guarantee and how to make a claim).

Good luck.

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So there is nothing in your chat thread? No information about the guest or booking anywhere? I think you are screwed here if there is no booking or record of it.


There has to be at the very least, a record in your personal email account. Airbnb emails a confirmation of each reservation. Go back and look there for the confirmation. As for it disappearing from Airbnb, I’ve never heard or read of anyone having that issue before.

I agree that while calling Airbnb isn’t always the solution, it is in this case.


This thread is probably a good reminder that it’s a good idea to keep a record of every reservation somewhere besides on the platform. I learned with experiencing Airbnb website being down that I wanted to have the guest’s cell number and fake Airbnb email address in case I needed to contact them. I take a screen shot of the reservation with that information on it.

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So there you have it, proof. You should be fine unless somehow you were scammed into thinking you had a legit booking?

Good luck and keep us posted please.


I’ve learned the hard way, more than once, not to delete emails permanently if I might need them.

To be honest it sounds like the guests payment didn’t go through and Airbnb cancelled the booking which is why it is isn’t showing.

Do come back and let us know what Airbnb says @ArnieKaff.


I agree that it’s vital to call Airbnb about this. I imagine that you’ll have the reference number? That it itself shows that the guests booked with Airbnb. And as others have said, you’ll have details in your email. I have Airbnb emails going back for three years so you surely have them from just last week? Did you save a link to the guest’s profile? You said that you corresponded so you’ll have those details too, so all is not lost by any means.

I see that the original post was five hours ago so I imagine that you’ve been in touch with Airbnb by now. What was the outcome?

We are dying to find out…


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This is awful. Adding my voice to say PLEASE update when you can @ArnieKaff.

I once had a reservation cancelled by Airbnb and all the communication disappeared. I received a generic email that basically said they couldn’t disclose why. It was very confusing because the guests appeared to be a typical middle-aged French couple doing a tour of Scotland. The cancellation came just days before they were due to arrive. Anyway, the guests had my direct contact details from the directions that I’d emailed so they called me. Luckily I speak some French and we worked things out between us. They paid cash on arrival and were great guests. All of their Air bookings had been cancelled practically last minute due to some problem with verifying their credit card. At least they think that was the issue - neither of us could find any CS person who could speak French. It was all very strange and, of course, a complete nightmare for them. They said they would never ever use Airbnb again, unsurprisingly.

I know this is only vaguely similar to the OP’s situation, in terms of all communication and reservation details disappearing. I hope it turns out ok for you in the end.

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Oh dear I hope it’s not going to be another of these hosts who post for the first time looking for help, they receive it and then we never hear from them again:)

OP - I am sure you are not like that :slight_smile:

I heard of this happening with a same-day booking. The host was notified the next day that the payment didn’t go through, and the reservation disappeared from the platform. I can’t remember if I read that here or on Facebook, or what the outcome was. Surely the host had an email as evidence of the reservation.

Just a reminder for all of you on pins and needles about the outcome that this is an international site and some folks have jobs during the day where they don’t get to browse the internet all day. So someone could post, go to sleep, get up and go to work the next day, maybe even have activities away from the computer in the evening. Someone could actually have other things to do for days before getting back here to update us.

As I post this it’s only been 10 hours since the OP.


I have lost message threads and when I phoned Air I was told that somehow they had been automatically archived. Tech support re-instated them.

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So, @ArnieKaff what has transpired since last month? Now that the Hokidays are over please let us know. The only time I have had everything disappear ABB said they couldn’t tell me the circumstances but it was no skin off my nose as I had flexible and it was fully refundable at the point of cancellation and deletion.

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