Guests stayed for one night, used my address as her mailing address on driver's license

Ok, a group of guests stayed at my place for only one night. Shortly after the check-out this morning, they told me there will be a mail coming in and ask me to forward it to them. I asked the reason why use my address instead of their own, they said they need an address within the province I live. I am not sure how exactly she needs my address and not very comfortable with what she did. Now she is already left, and am I obligated to forward the mail to them? It’s not too much work, but how they used my address concerns me a bit.
Edit #1: Ok, she gave me some more information, it’s her driver’s license, and this makes it more suspicious as how can you put someone else’s address on your government ID? If she asked me before using my address, I will for sure refuse it, but now she used my address and left, then told me her driver’s license is coming, and want me to send it to her. I am more concerned how my information is used than the cost and work to forward a mail.
Edit #2: I think I know what she is doing now. She is from a European country which has driver’s license exchange agreement with my province A but not her current living one B. Instead of taking the road test, she took the shortcut to come to my province A to have the license exchanged claim living at my address. Once she gets the license for province A, she will exchange it in her own province B without doing the test again, since there is exchange agreement between provinces within the country. This is probably not illegal, but definitely unethical, and taking advantage of me.

Three words… Return. To. Sender. :rofl::rofl:


Tell her to use the post office to redirect her mail. There’s a fee (here) and that you won’t do it for free.

I would return any mail to the sender marked “Not at this Address”. If you want to be nice you can message the guest through Air and let them know this is what you will be doing but it sounds fishy and I wouldn’t want you to unwittingly get involved in something illegal.

Sending the message also establishes you did not give permission for your address to be used. Your message to them can be short and cheery “Sorry I’m not comfortable with my address being used. I suggest you rent a PO Box” or something like that. No need for a long explanation.


Just affirming that it’s not cool to use someone else’s address for yours without asking, and having government issued id with false info sounds illegal and you probably don’t want any part in a federal crime.


I wouldn’t forward it and I’d be reporting her to the government agency that sends the mail.


A fake address on a drivers’ licence makes it fake ID doesn’t it? Illegal no doubt.


Many states require mail to be coming to your home as proof to renew your driver license. In the states that don’t do that, you have to have a passport for domestic travel starting next year I think.

Hawaii has it and my sons need to start having their bank statements or something send via snail mail (most of their bills come by email) to prove they are a resident at this address.

I think the woman is trying to establish residency for reasons such as this and the mail should be returned to sender, addressee unknown. Not at this address.

No explanation to the stupid guest is needed. Too bad, so sad, no driver license for her.

In fact, I’d venture to say she rented the OP place for one night just so she COULD do the mail thing.


NO NO NO… and NO!!!
Send the document back to sender. Addressee UNKNOWN. You rent a room, you aren’t a secretarial service. And you certainly are not a clearing house for fraudulent mail.

The utter nerve! She just expects to go on her merry way and live her life? With your address on her license??? HELL TO THE NO! Showing all official agencies that she lives there??!! at YOUR HOUSE???

That one night guest does NOT live there and you will be returning that federal document to sender. You will NOT be allowing someone to do that to you.

Heavens to Betsy. Just when you thought you have heard it ALL.


And furthermore (can you tell I am riled up about this one? :laughing: ) I would almost go so far as to call the driver license agency NOW (since it takes a while for them to process things) and report this person for what they did. No doubt she signed an affidavit swearing to the truthfulness of her information on the driver license application. Get her in the trouble she deserves. Then I would report her to Airbnb for using your address and her stay for fraudulent activities. That is definitely a violation of the TOS!

Some nerve!!!


It does not matter what her motive is. She can take the damn road test again… You don’t need to get caught up in this stupidity. Report her for fraud!


I would send it back.


Yes, I was going to suggest this too, rather than just returning to sender! A drivers license is an official government document, this is fraud


Sigh. How rude of them.

I’m with @konacoconutz. And if you haven’t already, add in your house rules that guests may not use your address for mail and/or packages without your prior permission.


Yes I agree with most here. DO NOT ACCEPT IT, I’m in the UK and had a guest who used my address fraudulently to get residency and id. 3 years later and I’m still getting fines sent through from where he didn’t pay toll charges, insurance car documents ect. My Property could have credit black marks against it or bailiffs could turn up at my door trying to get money for his debts.
You have to put a lot of wasted energy into getting it sorted out.
Report it to the licence agency immediately, then return to sender with added update letter so they connect the two.


Oops, The dog ate it!

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Wow! So sorry you had to go through this. Thanks for sharing your story. It may prevent others from going through something similar.

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