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Guests sleeping on the couch? Thouights?


Hi. I am a new host with a question for you seasoned hosts.

I allow 2 people max, and have a queen size bed. My very first booking was for two, and it wasn’t until they arrived that they informed me they weren’t sleeping together, and did I have bedding for the couch?

Of course, I accommodated them, but I really don’t want people sleeping on my couch. Is this realistic of me? Or should I just give in and go with the flow. Would it be appropriate to clairfy that I prefer not to have guests on the couch before accepting a reservation.

Would appreciate feedback, thanks!


Hi Shawn_Sheffield_Brya,

I agree with you that I wouldn’t want guests sleeping on our couch. We have a twin bed and a trundle bed which we tie together for couples and keep apart for friends, siblings, parents/children, etc. If you don’t want to switch to two small beds, I would purchase an inflatable mattress in case your guests want to sleep apart. Of course, make the sleeping arrangements clear in your listing, although one thing I’ve learned is that nobody reads the listing.




Ahh, an inflatable mattress! Didn’t think of that option. I’m not really fond of that idea either, but I suppose it’s a way to be accomodating, and keep people off my couch. Thanks for the idea! Shawn


I don’t think you should offer them a couch. They knew what they were renting. Your description states 1 queen bed. They should have informed you before that they can’t sleep together. I personally don’t welcome guests like this. It’s your House and your rules.


On a related issue, my room is already booked and another person requested a night too. He is a semi regular. Do you think offering my living room couch as a cheap accomodation isa. Good idea?


I don’t see why not!. If he is semi regular and doesn’t mind crashing on a couch, why not? You can make a bit extra and he has a cheap stay. I wouldn’t do it as it would destroy dynamic of my house. I have private bath with each room, and with open space between kitchen and living room it would create an impression of a crowded hostel, which I can’t have according to price I charge. But if your house is less formal and has more relaxed environment I don’t see any reason for not offering him your couch


i also have only a queen sized bed in my guest room and my profile clearly states this. i think it’s not nice of a guest to insist upon separate accommodation if your pictures and profile make the sleeping arrangements clear.


Change your listing to read that rental is for the bed only. Sigh. Guests never cease to amaze.


They paid for a room with a queen bed. That’s what they get. If they didn’t want to share a bed, they should have booked a different place.

Someone on this site (sorry I don’t remember who so can’t give credit) gave the best line “I’m sorry you’re not happy with what I have, let me help you find somewhere else to stay”. Asking for extra bedding (extra laundry and inconvenience) is just nutty. Can you imagine checking into a hotel and then asking for an extra room?? Dang, even a roll-away costs $15 or so.


Change your description, house manual and house rules. Honestly. No excuses for just ill manners.


I can’t believe all the stories from hosts who share the same home with guests. Silly me thought these guests would be well-behaved, but a lot of them have some nerve. Your first guests were very rude. Of course they knew they would not be sleeping together, and that’s why they didn’t mention it until they put you on the spot.

Hopefully you will not be presented with that situation ever again. If it happens again, then I would just tell them that you do not allow guests to sleep on the couch, and you would have declined the reservation if you knew that ahead of time. Or you can say “sorry, but I use the couch in the middle of the night sometimes, as I have trouble sleeping.”


its my pet peeve I hate waking up to find a body sleeping on the sofa …just this past spring a guest decided that walking across the yard was too much and slept on the sofa I was furious I did let them know but as it was already morning it was pointless …I just wondered what kind of guest thinks its ok to crash on a couch …we rent out 4 rooms so there were others in the house as a guest I would hate to see someone on the sofa while I was having breakfast


Terrible, what clods so many of these dolts are.


My place is probably different - I rent out a self contained suite rather than rooms. But when I set it up I limited the living room furniture to armchairs, no couch. If an extra person wants to stay I charge extra for an airbed. So far (4 years) it’s worked great.


this couple had a fight. How you handle it is up to you. And how you handle future guests is also up to you.


Ridiculous. They need to grow up and have some manners. They aren’t at home!


Sure they can sleep on our two seater couch. hmmm no.

It says on your page what is offered, a queen, not two twins, an air mattress, or a couch. Heard of couch surfing . com lol

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