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Guests said they wanted to sit on the leather sofa rather than the cotton sofa cover


This group of guests booked for two weeks, and they have stayed for one week. Everything was fine.

Last night, they called me and said I was deceitful as I put sofa cover on sofa and chair covers on chairs. We put the covers because the furniture are very, very expensive and their colors are cream. The furniture were designed by famous artists. The covers were clean. They protect the seat and back area in order to prevent stains. The covers were there when they arrived.

They claimed they paid to sit on the leather rather than the fabric cover. I told them they could just remove the covers if they really want to sit on the leather. They still did not buy it.

Even worse, they said I misled them for Air Conditioning. It is clearly stated in our listing that we do not provide AC, as most homes in U.K. do not have AC. However, the guests said they did not see the sentence.

I was very confused why they did not complain on the first day of their arrival. I am out of the country as my grandma was suddenly sick. Could anyone offer me some suggestions how to deal with the case? Thanks in advance.


Do not refund anything at all. How ridiculous, I hope they aren’t Americans as I hate it when my countrymen go abroad and make us all look like fools. If they try to go to Airbnb, just show them what you do provide on your listing. They are just trying to get money back unfairly.


Unfortunately they are Americans.


I am so sorry. Please understand we are not all like that lol.


I understand. I studied in the U.S before. And most of Americans I know are sweet.

I just did not understand why they complained for nonsense after one week stay.


Oh really…I wish I could exchange numbers and act as the property manager now. I’d handle them with their little leather request. Sorry for what is going on.


Easy - they are a-holes and trying to get money out of you. Respond through the AirBnB platform: “Thank you for contacting me last night with your concerns about our home. I do wish you had contacted me early in your stay instead of waiting until you have been there a week. We do indeed have leather furniture, but we cover it with removable fabric covers to reduce the chance of stains as the leather is white. We understand that you are probably used to homes with air conditioning and are disappointed that our home does not have any. However, we are very clear in our listing that we do not have air conditioning. The weather in the UK is usually mild enough that A/C is not needed.”


Any chance that your group of guests has changed since the original ones?


No. They are still original guests. They changed phone numbers though. And two people of their group left for unknown reasons.


So the main contact people are still the same? Most people would prefer cloth over leather I would think…but that is just me.


Why did they change phone numbers if still original guests? Are your sure this isn’t two sets of friends swapping out?


We have a camera near the entry door. The lady who entered yesterday was the same as the lady last week.

I just felt rediculous and insulted. Th lady contacted me at 4am last night and scolded me for deceiting her for two hours because she could not sit on the leather. Excuse me?


Thanks for your helpful reply. I guess they want to ask for money, but they have not found a way to ask.


Are they from California?


Exactly. How do you know?


Been In the US too long.


It’s their responsibility to read the listing. Also Aircon won’t be ticked under facilities either. They would find it nearly impossible to find any homes with Aircon in the UK. They need to be slapped right down.
It’s very rude of them to attribute ‘deceit’ to your protecting your furniture. Do not let them remove the covers and damage your sofas. All it takes is sitting on them with jeans. Thumbs down!


They blamed me for not making “no AC” more visible. Come on! If the facility is not ticked, it means we do not provide the facility.

I felt it legitimate to protect my furniture. The sofa is genuine Fendi sofa which cost us 40000GBP originally. And it easily get stained if people sit on with jeans. I just cannot understand why they care the cover so much. The cover will not make any difference in guests’ experience.


How utterly ridiculous. Yes, we are having an episode of extreme weather in the UK, but as a country, we are geared up for cold weather, not heat. I think that as you are out of the country, I would personally call Air to discuss the difficulties you are experiencing with these guests, about the oddness of them banging on about sofa covers which are there to protect the leather, and about how “uncomfortable” they are making you feel. At the very least, you will have it on record.


It seems like they’re looking for excuses to get refunded for the second week. They probably realized that a one week stay was sufficient. It’s their problem for poor planning, not yours.

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