Guests' reviews not being posted - Airbnb tech bug

Hello all, I noticed that reviews left by my last 4 guests haven’t been posted. At the time each guest completed their review, I did receive notification and was able to read them. However, they are not appearing on my listing.

I contacted customer service and they say it’s a bug and the technical team is working on it. They can’t provide a “turn around time” for when it will be resolved.

Just wondering if this is currently a problem for anyone else?


not here, getting my reviews as usual:)

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Someone else recently posted about this. Search the forum.

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I only see the post by a host who had a question re: both parties reviewing. If that’s the post, it’s not the same issue.

Well, if there is a bug where reviews are not posting, it could indeed be the same issue. I actually just read on the Airbnb forum a host saying his guest had left a review, he got the notification that they had, but it hasn’t appeared.

Okay. …

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Have you tried scrolling way, way down in your reviews?

We thought the same thing – no new reviews since last Feb. Two of the guests this spring said “Best Airbnb ever!” so we were especially disappointed they were not visible right at the top of the reviews.

Turns out that starting last March all our new reviews were posted deep down between 2015 reviews and 2016. Within that seven-year-old location, all the recent reviews are in the correct chronological sequence… they’re just buried.

The older reviews that appear at the top of our review pile are all positive and we have a good rating, but I think guests are looking for recent feedback, and for signs that the host is still actively in business, so when the most recent review looks to be six months old: not good.

When Airbnb says “it’s a known bug” they probably haven’t even figured out that the reviews are being posted, but just way back in the timeline. They haven’t actually “disappeared,” just been “misfiled.” Probably can be fixed by rewriting two lines of code – if they cared


Thank you so much! I looked and yes this is what is happening. Frustrating that they didn’t catch it themselves. I have mentioned it and still haven’t heard back or seen any changes made.

Coincidence? I don’t know.

I mentioned to a host friend it was concerning me that my guests were not leaving reviews. Yesterday 3 appeared.

Did you receive the notice that “soandso left you a review”, either before they appeared or after?

I was reading on the CC that the review system seems to be buggy in a few ways lately. Apparently the private feedback part of reviews is sometimes posting as the review, and the review is being sent as private feedback.

While guests do sometimes get these confused, that doesn’t seem to be the case here- several hosts said it had suddenly happened to them recently, and one host, who had just travelled as a guest, and does so frequently, had their private feedback to the host posted as the review. And they definitely didn’t get them confused when writing and submitting- it was transposed in publication.

Notice received for one. I don’t know if before or after the review posted. The notice prompted me to look so it may have posted then the message. Two I don’t remember seeing a notice the review was done

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UPDATE: When I contacted CS (via email) to tell them that reviews are actually being posted, but out of order. They responded that ‘according to policy, they will not be updating my issue and the case was closed’. I was not told what the policy was.

I phoned to get clarity. If you recall, the first agent I corresponded with said it was a technical issue. Providing conflicting information, the agent I spoke to said that reviews have always been posted out of order. When I pointed out that if she looked at my reviews, this is not the case. They have always been chronological with most recent at the top. She of course didn’t have any answers to why mine were shown chronologically up until recently and have now been flipped, instead doubling down, saying that it has always been “policy” to mix up review dates and no one can or will revert reviews back to my previous chronology.

My guess is that agents are either inadequately trained so they can only provide limited information and are not empowered to take ownership over their jobs and problem solve or are so poorly compensated, they don’t care to attempt–or both.

I think they are both covering up for a bigger issue with reviews at Airbnb since it would only be to Airbnb and the potential guests’ advantage to have more recent reflections on a stay.

At this point, would love to hear from anyone using Vrbo if you’re comfortable commenting on whether you recommend it, the infrastructure they have in place, and quality of service to hosts.

You don’t have to guess that Airbnb reps are poorly trained and often give out conflicting and erroneous info. That is well-known. You can talk to 5 different agents and get 5 different answers.

Reviews on listings have never necessarily been in chronological order. Reviews from guests from your home country appear first, with reviews from international guests below that. That is, when you view them yourself. If, say, a guest from China views your listing, they will see reviews from other Chinese guests first. It is linked to the user’s stated country of residence.

For some reason, Airbnb thinks that guests want to read reviews from their countrymen before those from other guests, even if they are 3 years old.

Of course that’s ridiculous, as many things may have changed in the listing in 3 years, so earlier reviews may be irrelevant in some ways.

However, reviews that are on your profile page do appear, or are supposed to, in chronological order.


Also try using the forum search filter. Many people don’t read every single thread and not see your request for input.

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I have noticed that reviews originally written in a language other than English (even if auto-translated) appear at bottom, and all others in chronological order.

That remains the case on one of our listings, but on the other listing all the reviews since last March are in correct chronological sequence but buried way, way down between 2015 and 2016. The first review to be “misfiled” this way was in English from a guest who lived in the same country as the property (Canada).

As suggested by others, the underlying problem here is that Airbnb doesn’t at all care, and has not trained its “support” staff to care or to even understand issues like this (or much else, for that matter).

On the other hand, I keep raising our rates, and very nice guests keep on booking…

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