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Guests Reviews and Ratings Cards

Hi All

We are a small business providing cleaning services to Airbnb properties on the Gold Coast and would like to help our hosts by having guests leave any negative comments in writing on a card at the property and not on airbnb as 5 star ratings are ever so important, we have been reading and working on a 2 page Guest Rating & Reviews letter for each property we maintain and would greatly appreciate feedback

WIP below
• Overall Experience: This is far and away the most important rating to any host! Please know that we strive for a 5-Star Overall Experience for all of our guests!
• Cleanliness: Is the property clean and presentable? We use a cleaning service, so we hope that everything is spectacular — we’d sure like to know specifics if it’s not.
• Accuracy: Is the property as described in the listing or were there surprises? It’s important to review the entire listing carefully before booking, then there should be no surprises.
• Value: Is the property and experience worth the nightly fee? This is another important category for any host. We try to keep up with local pricing trends regularly.
• Communication: Were the hosts readily available and responsive before, during and after your stay to answer questions or for help?

Your opinion & ideas are important to us! Our future is (literally) in the stars! The all important 5-star host rating system explained… 5 4 3 2 1

EXCELLENT. There may have been a few minor details, but overall a great experience.
GOOD. There were several issues that need improved, but overall, a good experience.
OKAY. There were a lot of things wrong with the property, just an okay experience.
BAD. There were signifi cant problems with the property, this was a bad experience.
TERRIBLE. The property is awful, I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone, this was a terrible experience.

If you have specific comments, concerns, or feedback, we would appreciate it if you would please share those with us personally in a note, email, text or through airbnb’s private comments area during the review process, unless they’re so egregious that they need to be included in the public review. Thank you for being our guests

Do you have suggestions?
How was your stay , we would really appreciate you giving us honest feedback so we can improve the experience of each guests stay here we would love to know what could have made your stay more enjoyable, We have some improvements in mind, and we want to prioritize them to what would have made your stay better. Is there something that needs our attention?
Please let us know right away!
If we don’t know about it, we can’t fix it. Messaging us through Airbnb system or texting Us is a way to notify us quickly of things. We don’t want to neglect something that is affecting you now.

Property Name
Unit No:
Terrible 1 star
Bad 2 stars
Ok 3 stars
Good 4 stars
Excellent 5 stars

Overall Experience
Value for money
Arrival / /2018 Check out / /2018

If we have not received 5 stars what can we do to improve.

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Way too long…


Agreed – 'way too long. More than 4 or 5 lines and you’ll lose the reader.

If I didn’t get through all that, a guest definitely won’t.


I tried to read the first paragraph (4 lines long with no period at the end)…and I ran out of breath, so I quit.

Airbnb doesn’t even explain their own rating system and I don’t think I agree with your explanation. I think the hosts will wind up with many reviews less than 5 stars this way. As a host, I would not want this card. Since you are a cleaning service, cleanliness should be your only focus. And since hosts are paying you to clean professionally, there shouldn’t ever be negative comments regarding cleanliness. Host now need to maintain a 4.8 star average for SH so we basically need 5 stars virtually every time.


I think it’s a good idea, though do agree about cutting it down in length.

We’ve had our first 4 star rating for cleanliness. It’s really upset me because I know the place was absolutely spotless, it’s a new house and you can literally eat off the floor when the cleaner’s done her rounds (I checked it before the guests’ arrival too). It was however a stormy weekend so they’d have been walking in a lot of snow and mud …

A friend has put a note similar to the OP’s in her welcome pack and she says it’s really helped her reviews, I’m going to give it a go.

I agree with others that your text is way too long.

I also have been thinking about including a guide to AirBnB rating in our new information leaflet. I was thinking about something along the following line:

When rating us after your stay, please consider that AirBnB’s rating is totally different than the classic hotel star rating system: You should know that AirBnB can close down any listing that drops below an average of 4.3 stars at once. So the least we can say is that the system is rather confusing. To give you a better understanding, we designed the following (cheeky) guide to the rating system:

Please be aware of the judgement the stars may bear:

:star::star::star::star::star: Perfection does not exist, but we were happy here.

:star::star::star::star: Several issues need to be improved.

:star::star::star: Major problems that should be fixed immediately.

:star::star: Close it down at once.

:star: Put these hosts into jail.

We always strive to give our guests a 5 star experience. Please let us know any problem you may have during your stay and we will do everything within our power to solve it.


All the guest needs to understand is that anything less than 5 stars is unacceptable. You want a 5 star or nothing, that’s what any guide should strive for.

I don’t talk to guests about reviews, I think it’s tacky. I only say something if I don’t want them to mention some special treatment or service they got.


In the early days, I asked guests to consider leaving me a review because I was fairly new ~ but I have never suggested or attempted to educate them on the preferred star rating or star system…not my style.

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I’m the same way. I seem to be doing fine without educating people.

I did add “A note about Airbnb star ratings” to my house manual. The only people who read my manual (I know because they mention it) seem to be folks in the more mature age demographic, or Air virgins, whom I figure are more used to hotels and that sort of rating system. No one offended so far, and good ratings so I conclude it doesn’t hurt.

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Thanks , I have been searching online for Airbnb ratings explanations as most guests don’t understand the difference between Airbnb ratings and Hotel ratings

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I agree 100%. Provide 5 star service and get 5 stars. Simple. There’s no need to be manipulative.


To be clear I’m not suggesting the people who do it are tacky, it’s just my own preference. I think it reminds me of the students who used to try to talk to me about their grade before I’d assigned it. I feel the same about signs here and there in the rental telling students…uh I mean guests, what to do. Too much like a classroom…



I love the breakdown of the ratings and I have to admit that as a guest I had no idea how important the 5 star ratings were.

Have you experienced more consistent ratings since including this sheet in your manual? Have many guests come back to you with issues during their stay?

I haven’t included it yet. Our rating is still good, but sometimes the odd guest receives a 5 star treatment, experiences a 5 star treatment, but confused by hotel stars will only leave 4 stars. In the hope of preventing this…


We have only ever received 5 star ratings and we have over 600+ as we look after 40+ properties , there are a few documents floating around for airbnb ratings explained we just like to inform of our guests as we know for our owners they need nothing less than 5 stars to maintain there listing profile at the top of the heap, we have commonwealth Games soon and 1.1 million guests arriving from around the globe ,nightly rates have quadrupled so guests expectations are going to be extremely high , thanks for the feedback will keep you posted

Thanks for your comments Mike , as a cleaning company we have only ever received 5 star reviews from all guests , we also host and provide property maintenance , we look after 40+ properties and have over 600+
5 star ratings for our clients/owners this is more about educating new airbnb guests as we have 1.1 million people arriving on the Gold Coast for Commonwealth Games next month and room rates have quadrupled for this event and guests expectations will be extremely high , we want to protect our clients 5 star ratings .

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