Guests refunded?

Hey all - I’ve never had a guest cancel before, so I’m wondering what this means - because it looks like they get a refund AND I still get the payment?

This is long term and within 30 days, so per AirBnB policy - no refunds. I doubt they got extenuating circumstances because when they booked there were travel restrictions that had been in place for months, and still are. I rebooked those dates and I was going to give them a partial refund.

Did it just happened? Give it a few hours and check again. Something similiar just happened to me. A guest altered her dates (from 8 day stay to 5 day stay) and I approved it. It looked like I was still getting paid the full amount (8 days). Then when I checked in the afternoon, it had changed to reflect only payment for 5 days.

No, they canceled about a week ago, and the dates were rebooked two days ago.

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After $$$ are in your account, process a refund if you wish.


NO REFUND> Their error, their penalty!


Check your Transaction History (the link showed in the screenshot you sent). It will break it all down, if you get some and if your cancelled guest gets some and how much.