Guests pre-approved, stayed without booking

Hi all there,

so I got an inquiry about my place, saying its urgent and if I could host them the same night.
I pre-approved, they came over, left the next day at the agreed time, but it’s still saying pre-approved. The guest tried to confirm the booking but he says it’s not working, and I believe him because he offered me to leave the cash in the apt, I refused because then it would be that they weren’t even there, and I need the review.

What to do, how can I contact Airbnb support?

You should have taken the cash. And I had it once too when there was expired timing and a guest couldn’t book.
How did your guest knew the
I am
Afraid in this case you won’t be paid. The guest never booked so you can’t even request money through resolution center.

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Oh, I was wondering why is he asking for the address through inbox, now I realize he wasn’t even able to access that information without booking, right?

Well, if that is the case, I have to believe that he is honest and that he will send me the money somehow other than through Air, that will be interesting.

Lesson – NEVER, ever, give out your address to anyone for any reason!
Once a guest sends a REQUEST to book and you approve – then and only then Air sends them your address and contact information.

I’m afraid you will not get paid for this stay. Let us know if you do…


_ don’t know if this was universal but there was an Air systems glitch here in the UK, both on friday/saturday. From my end, I couldn’t get in to edit my listings, and a guest didn’t receive my message with directions/check-in etc. Eventually his gf used her account with an enquiry to tell us, and we re-sent stuff to her. Lovely pair too!

But NEVER send anyone your address nor deal with them outside of the platform, only messages via air. Speak to them about this, asking why your guest experienced this problem. Half the time they already know but won’t admit it unless pushed to do so. The support contact numbers are at the top of the forum’s first page, by geographical location.

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Now we’re discussing the option of sending the money as a bank transfer, he seems nice, I hope he will pay.

Regarding the issue, he told me that whenever he clicked on confirm/complete booking nothing happened, and he was trying throughout the day, maybe it was a bug or something.

Also, may I present to Air our conversation as a proof that they were actually in there, because all the details from check-in to the check-out process can be seen clearly?

Hello @dedadeda

You really need to phone Airbnb straight away. Airbnb do make it clear on their website, that you shouldn’t provide your contact details to a guest until there is a confirmed booking. I am not sure why you didn’t tell the guest to call Airbnb when they said they had problems booking, rather than going outside of Airbnb and letting them have your contact details?

Your conversation is irrelevant. You went outside of Airbnb and accepted a guest staying in your property who had neither booked nor paid.

Why didn’t you call Airbnb when your guest arrived and there was no confirmed booking.

Anyway please call them now.

Either this is con and your guest had no intention of paying (most likely) or there was an error and hopefully they may decide to pay you.

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There is reason his card was not approved. A nice CS person helped me and explained how to book it. I use this method all the time to do a sameday booking because after a certain time anywhere from 24 hours before check in time for credit cards and after check in time for PayPal AirBnB will not authorize payment, so they have to book for 24-48 hours later and I go in and alter the date to sameday after the charge has been approved. Here’s how to alter it below.

Change this reservation
Go to Your Reservations on airbnb
Click Change or Cancel next to the reservation you want to change
Choose Change Reservation (Adjust the date)
Click Submit Alteration
Then the guest accepts your request and all are happy.

Sounds like my kinda girl! :slight_smile: