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Guest's phone number

I remember that you could go to your messages in the airbnb inbox and look at the guest’s phone number. This used to work as early as last month. Now, I don’t see any phone numbers for any guests. Also, the phone numbers used to be in the reservation reminder emails, but you don’t get those if the guest books less than a couple of days in advance. This is problematic b/c my entry code is based on the guest’s phone number. Did something change from airbnb’s side? thanks.

Look at “Your Reservations”

thanks…that works!

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I just discovered that once the reservation is over, the guests’ phone number disappears! What a disaster that almost was. I also use the phone number to create their code, and when I went to remember the code after they left [forgot to make a notation] the number was gone. I was lucky that the guest responded to an AirBNB internal message with the code. I am now religious about keeping a copy of their phone number and code in my personal calendar.


I do exactly the same thing and jot it down in my amazingly low-tech diary :slight_smile:

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The phone numbers are stored in “your reservation”

Currently, we still have access to former guests’ contact info under reservations. I do expect that Air might block the contact info in the future as it makes direct bookings with repeat guests quite easy.

I don’t do this with every guest because I have mostly one nighters but quite often I put their mobile number in my cell phone. If someone thinks they are going to want the number later they should probably save them.

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