Guests parking before check in

One night booked through IB, guest asked for early check in (1 hour) I explained not possible due to my work, but 24 hours in advance found I could actually do it so let guest know. Guest then asked for yet earlier check in. I declined. Then (a whole 3 hours before agreed time) guest messaged to say they had arrived, left car in drive (“hope thats Ok”). They had parked across 2 spaces so my partner has had to park elsewhere which he is not happy about. I did go out to explain but they had vanished leaving the car there. Its a house share not a separate property. How would you review this guest (assuming all else about the stay was fine!)

Had you given the guests instructions about their parking space? I let guests know the night before (the parking spaces are numbered)

There are some residents here who get stupidly irate if someone is in their parking space so I usually go out to meet the guests to show them which space is theirs. For me, it’s not something that I can leave to chance, I have to take charge of it.

My opinion, probably not a popular one, is that people get far too upset about ‘their’ parking spaces. Unless you told the guests specifically where to park and they took no notice, then I wouldn’t mention it in the review.

The answer is probably a resounding ‘yes’ to this, but are you sure that your partner approves of your STR business?

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I usually go out at check in and show them into the space, then there’s a note in the room reminding them to only use that one. This lot rocked up 3 hours early though and then ran off before I could explain.

Spaces arent numbered but I’ve got in my check in instructions “park next to blue pickup” which is pretty clear.

So yes, they parked in the wrong place 3 hours early. Annoying.

Assuming all else okay, I would mark down for communication. Not at all okay to show up 3 hrs early and leave the car without asking.
As for parking across 2 spaces, that’s so disrespectful and brain dead. I hate it when I see cars in front of shops I need to go into parked like that. They can’t manage to park their compact car without going over the line a foot into the next space? How did they pass a driver’s test?

In the future, I would include the parking info in the pre check-in message. It doesn’t do much good inside the unit, after they have already parked ( although I get it that you are normally there to check them in).


yes i agree about how did they get a licence! The “park next to…” info is actaully on the pre check in instructions, the ones where I’ve put photos and captions step by stepping through what to do when they arrive. But I dont think they ever read the actual listing, most guests seem to just guess based on maybe the last Airbnb they visited or their own home or something. the reminder inside the room is so they remember to park in the same place if they go out to eat and come back, I had guests who I showed where to park and they went out after half an hour and parked somewhere else when they got back. I dont think they read or listen really. Thing is if they’d showed up at the righ ttime I’d have been there to show them, I just wasnt expecting them so early.

But good idea I will send the parking warning in the chat message when they book, and include in the directions too. Seems like we have to nursemaid guests sometimes!

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Review honestly and unemotionally. Include in the review information like “guest parked at my home 3 hours before check in time. Had they asked and not parked taking up two spaces it would have been fine.”


You really can’t expect guests to remember instructions for check-in or check-out that are in the listing ad. That stuff needs to be reiterated in a message a day before those times.

What you have to remember is that guests may have considered 10 different listings before choosing yours. Even if they are thorough readers, which many guests are not, once they hit that book button, they are unlikely to go back and reread everything in the listing info.

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Some of our guests can’t remember a “little” thing like there are staff at the villa even though it’s the second line of the listing and they are mentioned in every review. I’ve started pointing that out when guests book and again shortly before they arrive.


It definitely does, I email the guest the evening before check-in or the day before that if they are international guests. At the same time, I encourage them to ask any questions they might have,

Guests may have no recollection of the listing details at all, especially if they booked months ago.

I’m just wondering how they got into the rental if they were so early?

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They didn’t get in. They just parked and left. At least that’s how I read it due to the title. They just parked, they didn’t check in.

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Thanks! I must be in guest-mode and not reading thoroughly. :rofl:


That’s it, they were going to an event nearby. That’s why the street was completely parked up, hence partner had to drive round to the next street to park at his mates and walk back. I can see why the guests did it, it made it much easier for them, and if they’d asked I’d have prob said yes anyway but they didn’t ask.

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My guests mess up parking instructions often, but the early drop off would not be a problem. They park at the neighbors, block my driveway, back in and shine their lights in my LTR tenant’s windows, and park crookedly taking up two spaces. I am usually home and ask them to move as soon as they have a chance to bring their stuff in and use the restroom.

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