Guests not follow house rules, but refuse to leave. What to do?

Dear hosts,

I would like to ask a question. It hasn’t happened to me, but I would like what to do if it happens.

If guests do not follow house rules, such as making loud noises, smoking in the house …, and I found out and cancelled their booking, but they refuse to leave the property. What can I do in that situation?

You personally should not cancel a booking under such circumstances, or indeed ever. Rather, if guests are breaking your house rules, 1) Message your guests via the Airbnb platform outlining what the house rule(s) they are breaking are, tell them they should cancel their booking forthwith and leave at once, and what action you will be taking if they don’t 2) Call Airbnb, explain the situation, which is making you feel uncomfortable (key words…) and ask them to cancel/remove your guests on your behalf.

Hope that makes sense! Airbnb penalises Hosts who cancel guests but will do it for you if the circumstances warrant it.

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There is a lot of BS we have to take once guests are in the house and have booked. When they stop following the rules it gets very stressful. Call bnb asap tell them the situation. The worst is that they can write a revenge review and airbnb allows that. Not to scare you. Don’t write a review until they write. Anyways back to the situation. Go talk to them politely. The smoother the situation the less stressful. Just be like i have spoken to airbnb and and I’m uncomfortable with the smoking and loud noise as this is my permanent home. It would be best if we part ways. Sorry about any inconvenience. Good Luck.

Call the police if you must

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Well we have a real life situation on the go with the guest refusing to leave after his scantily clad, non-booked, cigar laden photo shoot. I doubt that the police would prioritise this, given the current weather and demands from stuck motorists! The guest is (sadly…) safe.

Call Airbnb and tell them what’s happening. Airbnb will then (hopefully) call them.

You are well within your rights to kick them out. It’s your property!!

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