Guests mentioning cancellation policy when booking

Hi everyone Im new here but have a few years airbnb experience.

Just wondering how eveyone handles guests who seem obsessed about the cancellation policy when booking;

I mean, if someone is already asking about cancelling, there is a high chance they will block your place ahead of time for 2 weeks ofyour high season then cancel one week out!

Is that a red flag for anyone else and how do you handle it?

Also, if you allow longer term bookings more than 3 weeks, how do you handle it? What if someone books for 2 months, 6 months ahead of time, then cancels 2 weeks before?

Two words: Strict cancellation.

But seriously, I’m not sure how you make the leap from someone inquiring about your cancellation policy to “a high chance they will block your place ahead of time… then cancel…”

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Hi Jenna
We have bookings 1 year in advance, mainly because we host wedding groups. Out of experience, if a guests is querying your cancellation policy be very wary. Have a STRICT CANCELLATION POLICY in place and hopefully this will help put off guests who cancel on a whim.
All the best


DO NOT PERMIT longer term stays. Period.

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That works for me.

It often won’t work for beachside resort rentals, especially in areas where monthly cabin rentals are the norm. State laws regarding establishment of tenant rights also have a bearing on whether to allow long term rentals.

Works just fine here in Southwest Florida, one of the capitols of snowbird long-term rentals!!! It’s YOUR property/listing, do what you please. We please NOT to rent to people who want long term… and during our High Season we seldom have an opening – the Season just past, we had 4 nights open from mid-December to the end of April.

Local government regs concerning tenant’s rights are the most serious of reasons not to rent long-term, depending on whether you live where that is an issue.

Yes, it’s at least a bit of a red flag when guests ask about cancellation. I went to strict after a guest who booked under my moderate policy wanted to triple-check that she really could get a refund 5 days before arrival.

Before going to a stricter policy, take into account how likely you are to re-book. In some areas you can easily replace a booking. In others (like “destination” locations) most people don’t plan last minute, so late cancellations are much riskier.

Long term rentals (over 28 days) have their own policy, which overrides your normal one. It’s stricter than strict. You’d be paid the full 28 days if they cancel.