Guests lying about the total count in party

Hi everyone,

I am looking for advice in regards to a skeptical booking we received for next month. A young girl inquired about our condo that sleeps 6 yesterday and mentioned having 7-8 people. We declined her inquiry because we won’t allow any more than 6 people. The condo is extremely small and we want to keep noise levels down so we do not disturb any neighbors. Today another girl around the same age booked the same dates and listed 6 guests. I immediately thought of yesterdays inquiry and began to think that these 2 reservations were correlated. Upon a little social media research, I found that in fact the 2 girls are friends and I feel safe to assume that this is the same group the we declined yesterday. (uggg)

Out of suspicion of them trying to switch the “booking requester” behind our backs, I sent a message to the guest that the HOA is very strict and requires names of all guests, reason for their stay, and a vehicle count. I also mentioned that I will be present to verify all information upon their arrival. I’m hoping to spook them into thinking we are on to them but obviously they can lie and I really don’t trust the situation.

We really don’t want to be the ones who cancel their reservation because we are superhosts and do not want to lose the status. Has anyone else had this problem? Would gladly take any suggestions as to how to handle the situation.

Thanks in advance!

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Personally I’d just decline this one too. They’ve already tried to cheat you by getting the other person to send the request. I can’t exactly imagine them saying to the 7th and 8th guests ‘oh sorry, you can’t come anymore as we’re not allowed’.
I would save yourself any ongoing drama and just decline now

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Was it IB? a decline will be allowed if you say your are not comfortable.

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I agree just decline .


Oh wait, was it an instant book? In that case you can cancel without penalty as long as you choose the ‘not comfortable’ option. You have good reason.
If you’re not on instant book and you already accepted this booking, call Airbnb and explain. They might cancel for you

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Yes, it was an instant book. The first one was an inquiry but the actual reservation was an instant book :frowning:

Have they replied to your request yet?

I also suggest getting security cameras or a video doorbell. Disclose it in the listing and also put a picture of it. Knowing the place is under surveillance will also help prevent those planning to sneak in guests from choosing your place.


This is something we’ve considered before and probably will get in the near future. Especially now that we have 2 airbnb condos side by side

Well that makes things much easier then! Use a penalty free cancellation and then either block the dates or remove instant book until you’re absolutely sure they won’t try and book again.

Agree. Always go with your gut on these things. No question they’re trying to scam you. Just do an ‘I’m not comfortable with these guests’ cancellation without penalty.

we had a total count in the party once. In the end, we made him leave.
A total, and utter, count


Like Fine & Country estate agents (realtors?) who ripped us off countless thousands…

I had this recently with two couples morphing into five (probably six) which I found out after querying a message a few days before arrival. Plus I had the unsolicited message "but we will keep the boys in check:slight_smile: ", after saying it was another female guest. Airbnb were great and cancelled them immediately for breaking my house rules before they’d even arrived!.

Do you think sneaking in extra guests has gotten worse since Airbnb has been pushing instant book, less communication, & more business traveler oriented?

I’m evaluating the best exterior cameras & set up because for the 4th time in 4 months, I believe there were unreported guests based upon the excessive dirty towels, used bed linens, & amount of trash. 2 of these guests used IB. All four had had sparse communication.

I’ve never had someone try to sneak in a guest. I’m sure it’s because I’m here and have a Ring doorbell camera. I think it’s a problem for entire places where the host isn’t on site. How long have you been on Airbnb and how much worse is it for you over that time? Maybe 2 in 4 months is just a random happenstance?

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Hmmm. Perhaps mine were just complete f-wits. We live here, we open the door to guests when the bell clangs and we can count from 1 to 5. Ho hum.


Hosting 3 years. I don’t live at the unit but live 2 doors down. I have a number-pad garage door so guests can let themselves in. I meet most guests either at check in or briefly during their stay. I’ve had a couple of prior “sneak ins” of the past 3 years years but the past few months have been extraordinary.

The common factor among the guests taking advantage is they do not communicate much before check in and don’t create a relationship. I send the same emails and information as I do for other guests and haven’t gotten the level of response. It feels like they are treating it like a hotel.

The unit is 1600 square feet. I wonder if the size isn’t a beckon to try to have more people. (Local residence inn suite to sleep 6 is 624 sq ft). Also because I charge extra for the 5 & 6th guests, I wonder if that doesn’t make sneaking people in more appealing.

Yea one time I came back to my house for check out and there were 2 extra random people there-I said "Hello, Im Elizabeth, I live here"
The girl said 'oh, they just slept here last night so Ill give you cash for them"
Its like, "YOU don’t decide how to organise the booking, the HOST decides"
I left them a very bland review with a “non recommendation” and privately told her
I did not appreciate her dishonesty and wished she had be transparent with me.

I guess I could have “outed” her publicly in the review…this was years ago, i must have been more naive back then…nowadays I would have done.

That’s almost close enough to be the same as living there. They got some nerve. LOL.

Although I don’t have the problem of extra guests I am upgrading my surveillance cameras on Monday. I want to be able to see who is at my house, WHERE THEY PARKED, and if they are here or not. That $800 takes another chunk out of my Air profits. I’ll have to host another 2 months at least. LOL .

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