Guests loving stay but leaving 4 stars

We just got Superhost status, and all of our guests leave great reviews. But lately, guest who have nothing but good things to say are leaving 4 stars. I’m watching our star average go down, while the verbal reviews are tremendous. Nothing they’re saying in the private part of the review is in any way negative either. Is there any way to get guests to understand that 5 stars is the norm unless there’s a problem? I’d like to be able to do that while not seeming to be begging for a higher review than they want to leave.

I had the same experience as a host. Like in your case, they leave positive feedback but often leave a 4-star. Perhaps they think a 5-star is reserved for superb services. Most of these guests have a different way of perceiving the grading system.

If you didn’t have any issues with the guests, I’d tell them that they were great guests and that I would give them a 5-star review. That way, you have a good chance of getting one in return :slight_smile:


That’s a great way to say it, Omotenashi! It sets an example without making an overt request. Thanks!

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That is a great way to handle that, @Omotenashi_host! I once had a host practically begging me to give her five stars, first verbally, and then an entire page typed up giving her guests reasons that they should give her 5 stars.

Since she billed her place as a restful, secluded soothing retreat. However, not only did I have to listen to the neighbors pop music all afternoon and into the evening, I could hear the traffic from the road all night - constant cars and frequent loud trucks, I didn’t think she actually earned that 5th star.

Liz, I can I see your listing please? I am curious as to why they would do that? I am not out to criticize, just curious. I also had a few of these in the beginning. I have only hosted for 3 months, and upped my game a bit and no longer have a problem. One thing I changed was the questions I asked of the guests, and how I communicated with them. This problem left me baffled too! I happen to be in a very popular location in my city but got 4 stars on a few reviews for location. ???

Sure, no problem. We have a few listings, all in our home. This is the main one:

She must be quite a card :stuck_out_tongue: It’s funny how people ask for 5-stars, when the guest’s star rating usually doesn’t show up. Host can only see guest ratings through reviews.

One thing that has helped me is I keep a comment card available where people can directly put any suggestions or negative feedback there, I’ve hardly had any negatives in my review now since the guests have already addressed them directly with me. And then in my guestbook I have this:

Host Ratings Defined:
✰✰✰✰✰= Excellent. There may have been a few minor details, but overall a great experience.

✰✰✰✰= Good. There were several issues that need improvement, but overall a good experience.

✰✰✰= Okay. There were a lot of things wrong with the property, just an okay experience.

✰✰= Bad. There were significant problems with the property, it was a bad experience.

✰= Terrible. The property is awful, I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone, it was a terrible experience.

It fully explains the review/rating without me begging or even bringing it up verbally.