Guests LOVE this,will help get great reviews

When my schedule permits at my other job I offered to take a photo of the guest usually they have a partner. I’ll take a couple of photos in a couple of different settings against a background of the garden and then I send them the photo from my iPhone. It only takes under five minutes and they are very grateful to have a photo of their vacation which of course they will put on Facebook and it’s more exposure for your listing . It also helps to get a good review, doesn’t cost any money. They seem to really appreciate it !


That’s a great idea!

…What a fab idea :slight_smile:

I stayed at a place in Bonaire and the owner did this either at check-in or check-out. I agree that it’s a great idea and costs nothing. I won’t actually do it unless the situation presents itself (I’m too introverted), but it’s a great idea!

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I’m a remote host. I have a long time repeat renter who did a girls getaway weekend at my place. They purposely posed in front of my security cam with gang signs. I sent her a snapshot with the comment, ‘calling security!’ and she posted it on facebook. Maybe I should encourage this? (gathering everybody in front of the camera)

I’ve used my air guests as photography models for my work. Here is one example: