Guests lied about number of people and even broke the house rules

My list does not allow pet and infant. I also set up extra charge after 2 people.

I have security camera at the front door. I only turn on alert notification the times of between guest check out and check in.

I noticed that some of my guests lied about number of people. Some of my guests also brought infant and pet.

I am too afraid to say anything because I’m a newbie and I don’t want to get bad review.

What’s should I do? Please help!

Do you do a meet and greet of the guests?

No I don’t.
I just watched the front camera when it sent me alert upon their arrival.

How long are they there for.

If you don’t meet and greet you are leaving yourself wide open to be taken advantage of.
My first message to a newly booked guest is to thank them and confirm guest numbers.
2 days before they arrive I confirm numbers again.
At the meet and greet it is a head count and a confirmation and a conversation about the possibility of any one else arriving and I point out my aunt who lives across the road…amazing how the numbers can change!


Thanks for your wonderful suggestions. I will send my guests greeting message of confirming guest number from now on.

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