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Guests left today but no option to review?

Usually on guests’ final day I get an email at about 7am (EST) asking me to review them. There was also an option in the dashboard to review them. This is not happening today even though I had guests check out this morning.

Is anyone else seeing this?

Just be patient, it will show up… along with at least 30 reminders in the coming two weeks to review them!

Thank you! I’ll look forward (not!) to the thirty reminders :slight_smile:

The notices seem to be very inconsistent - I haven’t gotten one for my guest that left this morning, either. Either they come at 5 a.m. the day they are leaving, or much later - odd.

Some of these this past month haven’t been coming until the day after.

I have a range of when my “review guest” email comes. Sometimes the day before they checkout, lately a full day after.

My notification to write a review for a guest was also late. I got a notification for the guests who arrived after them first, but the earlier guests notification came through finally!

As long as the payments don’t start following that pattern… They’ve been coming steadily at 7PM the day after the guest’s arrival.

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