Guests left some cash, blood stains, a ring and knickers

Dear Hosts,

Yesterday I went to clean after my guests checked out. The guests never messaged to say they were checking out which I found odd as I ask my guests to message me. Whilst preparing to wash the bedding I found blood stains that seeped through all the sheets, matres protector and also the duvet. My guests did not report the issue but I managed to remove the stains with some cold water, dish soap and scrubbing. Whilst cleaning the kitchen I found some cash in Danish Krone on the table (equivalent to about €25 using a currency converter), a cheep ring (definitely not the One Ring but costume jewellery) a health card and used women underwear under the bed.

Seeing that the cash they left was not in euro I’m not sure if this was a tip for the issue with the bed or they just forgot about it. Would you let your guest know of this? I’m not sure if its worth the hassle to post these items back to them although in the past I did post more expensive items back out of good will (the guests paid for the postage).

Thanks for your input,

Yes, I’ve always let me guests know if something has been left. Prompt and honest communication normally results in good reviews…usually…but not always unfortunately.

In this case… I’d keep the money, convert it to something spendable, and take yourself to dinner. Assume that it’s “to cover the bloody mess”. Toss the knickers and ring. Keep the health card. Tell them you found it, and if they want it you can post it back to them.


I would tell them they left the things and that you’ll charge to ship it back. Hopefully they will tell you to keep it all and they can easily get a replacement card. For me, honesty is about what I need for myself but if you are comfortable keeping other people’s things and not telling them, go for it.

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Unless they ask for it back, I won’t attempt to send it. Especially not the knickers, ewww. That was inadvertent and the cash was to cover the period mess. If it soaked through the mattress you might have been entitled to ask for damages. I don’t think Air will cover messed up sheets but I could be wrong.

If it was just custom jewelry than its worth pennies . I wouldn’t bother to contact them . They didn’t bother to contact you so why bother ?

Quagmire: €25 for the knickers
Host: but they’re bloodstained
Quagmire: ummm…€40?


I don’t understand how someone feels comfortable keeping money that his not his! We had a guest leaving a $50 bill last week and we contacted him about it. He was happy as was looking for it so asked us to take $20 and send the rest. But just assuming it’s for the taking? WOW.


I have been left a LOT of knickers, always under the bed! there are a lot of guests that leave me 5 usd which always confuses me and I don’t know why.

I once had a young German guest airbnb leave his entire wallet behind in a desk with 400 dollars in it, I couldn’t reach him and he had a afternoon flight. I raced in Miami traffic to reach him at the airport just in time for his flight.

Thank God I didn’t have a guest checking in till 8pm that night.

One of the best glowing reviews ever! He actually sent a letter to Airbnb about me and I was contacted by them.

So small stuff I don’t contact them, but anything over 5 bucks I will.


No, I wouldn’t return anything to them. I’ve had some very weird things left over the years (by the way, no knickers strangely, but men’s underpants once or twice).

I’d hang on to the health card just in case they get in touch though.

Not returning money to me sounds like stealing.

I was a social studies teacher and loved having ethics discussions with my students. “When is okay to keep things that you find that aren’t yours?” was always so interesting to me. It’s even more interesting to see adults having the same discussion.

Many will find it less “interesting” once they forget cash somewhere and it will be collected by the host :slight_smile:

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@Oded - I’m guessing the people that say “go ahead and keep it” are not recommending lying to the guest if the guest inquires about the misplaced money.

Money left on the nightstand is meant either as a tip or payment for damages.

I got a refund for blood stains on my sheet and mattress pad. It was nasty.