Guests left a mess, and one of them fell in my bathroom

My basement apt is separate from the rest of my house.
A nice young couple in for 2 nights, invited in lots of friends for a party. They burned something in the oven. The place filled with smoke, causing the smoke detector to go off. (I discovered later they’d “deactivated” it and this requires a replacement.) Lots of drinking, evidenced by lots of empties when I cleaned. Then I get a txt at 5am, saying the young lady had fallen, hurting her thumb and required a visit to the ER; could they stay till 1:30 for much needed sleep, instead of noon, my normal checkout time.

I say yes, despite another guest coming in, potentially at the 3pm check in time. Long story short, she’d fallen in the apt bathroom, but insisted it was her fault, no blame on me or the bathroom. (Her thumb was heavily wrapped in a splint.) I of course suspected heavy drinking but didn’t say anything.

The apartment was messier than any guest ever (I’m in business about 16m), and they finally left at 2:15. The oven had grunge burned into it which I couldn’t properly clean before the next guest, and didn’t have time to replace the smoke detector.

My question: I’ve never given a bad review to any guest, and not sure how strong to make it. The fall in my bathroom makes me want to just let it go (which is basically the advice both from my wife and from earlier posts in this forum.) But I don’t want to give a thumbs up or a 5 star. What’s the wisdom of the forum, please?

Do you allow parties? I don’t understand how a drunk falling in the bathroom makes you want to inflict this guest on other hosts? Thumbs down, one star for cleanliness and house rules unless you allow parties/outside guests.


Unfortunately you let these guests walk all over you.

Was wondering why you didn’t you ask them to leave when they set off the smoke detector and partied in your place (I presume you have no parties and tell guests what to do to avoid setting off the smoke detector in your house rules/guest book).

And surprised you allowed them a late check out when you knew you had a short turnaround. It is outrageous of them to text you at 5.00 a.m. asking for a late check out for a self inflicted injury.

I would mark them down and say that;
Guests partied against your house rules, set off your smoke detector because they forgot food in the oven, disabled your smoke alarm leaving your property at risk and then asked for a late check out leaving you little time to turn around your property. Even with the late checkout they had insult to injury be leaving the place messier than any other guest you have had stay there.

Not sure why your guest falling either by accident or drunkenly is relevant here


I think you should leave an honest review. The injury is also relevant because they may make a claim for injuries against you, once they sober up and receive the medical bills. As a host, I would want to know this information.


I meant in terms of the review.

If they contact the host. The host can put them in touch with Airbnb to claim on their liability insurance if the guest decides to make a claim.

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What’s done is done. You are an adult so there isn’t a point in pondering the why’s of it all. However leaving an honest review for this guest to help the next host and to reinforce to the guest that the partying and leaving the rental in a mess is unacceptable is important.

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Thanks for the advice of the several who responded. I did suck it up and give them a bad review.