Guests left a day earlier

Yesterday morning I meet my guests and they told me: we are leaving today but we have a ferry at 8pm at what time is check out, I told them no problem next guests are coming on Monday. Once the left at around 7 pm I thought …I did not get airbnb message for check out and review. I check the reservation and the guests had a reservation till the next day. …!!! I send them a message and they were confused they made a mistake. .they left a day earlier! !! They wrote : you owe us a day …we will be back.
If they come another time just for the one night? The point is i do not rent for one night. Is to much work the cleaning the bed linen and towels . What shall I do?

This happened to us once. We agreed to simply send them a special offer for when they return in the future. They may understand and want to return for a few more days and simply get discounted for one of those days. I would simply clarify. Now ours had to return for a family emergency and we did offer to refund the final day but they said they loved the place so much they will be back again.

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Right is there fault. The point is I care too much. I should not even have wrote them …they found out about the mistake only why I wrote them. …
They relaxed so much that forgot about the time

they are joking most likely. That is something I would say in jest.


I would offer them a voucher, as part of another week, so you’ll have got a week out of it, an they’ll feel they’ve got their night back. They probably wouldn’t want a single night, hopefully!
No need to dig your heels in and tell them it was their own fault, these things can happen, and you might get a full week out of it.

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I think I have a different take on this issue. I wouldn’t have even messaged them. I would have noted on the calendar when they were due to check out and it would not have phased me that they left a day early. I would have just let the clock run, so to speak. They may have never realized their error.

Then wenn airbnb send a message for the check out , they notice the mistake, they could have call me and ask me why I did not say anything!!!

To which I would have replied, “It’s your responsibility to notify AirBnB if you were planning on leaving earlier than your scheduled check out date. I am unable to modify or cancel reservations on a guest’s behalf.”

This is the guest’s problem to fix. You do not have to give them any kind of refund. There was no way you could have rebooked the night they had booked in error.


And then you could reply that guests’ plans change all the time and you do not question guests about their plans. Guests are responsible for their own travel arrangements.


Anyway they left at 7pm

What time is your check out? My check out time is noon. If they want to stay until 6 or 7 pm, they need to book an additional night. Then they can leave whenever they wish. Is that what happened?

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Check out is at 10 am. But here in sicily to save money they always try to do a check in in the morning and check out late afternoon, so they book for 4 nights but staying 5 full days. And it us something that I hate

My check in is at 3pm & out at noon. I get quite a few requests for early check in & late check out too.

I’ve had guests show up at 1230 wanting to know why they can’t check in early, the prior guest should be gone.

I think all hosts run into it. Perhaps high-demand areas run into it more than others.

Guest left a day early so having a night to myself after months!

Music’s on high volume. If neighbours complain of noise tomorrow I’ll have to tell them sorry that was because there were no visitors last night, lol, oh the irony!