Guests leaving cleaning supplies? Any recommendations on security cameras?

So I just noticed that one of my guests left behind some carpet deodorizer. I don’t know why they would need carpet deodorizer but now I’m wondering what they snuck into the house. What security cameras do you recommend I should get so I can be more sure about if guests are sneaking unregistered guests inside my house?

In the US I have Nest cameras for outdoor and a Ring. I highly recommend cameras that records to the cloud. If it is allowed by your local code. It keeps everyone honest.

I had a problem with small item theft when I started hosting and the camera made the problem disappear.

A lot of guests ignore or appreciate the cameras. I clearly mention cameras in the listing, so the guest who don’t like them, don’t book.

Here is what we discovered with cameras:

  • a photographer and an adult model did a porn photo shoot at my place
  • I had a 15 car teenage party thrown at my house
  • extra guests
  • pets (we don’t allow pets)
  • guests trying to check-in early
  • guest leaving late but claiming to be on time
  • furniture in the pool

Worthy investment . It also helps you become a better host as you can see if a guest struggles to get in the house, etc

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There’s already a good few threads on this forum that addresses the security camera query? Haven’t you found a satisfactory recommendation in any of them?

I realise I am probably being very stupid, naive and British here, but not sure why carpet deodoriser leads you to want security cameras at your place. Is it not possible that your guests trod garlic butter into the carpet by mistake?


Was wondering the same here. There seems to be a huge leap between carpet deodoriser and extra guests being snuck in. My imagination is going wild now too, though. A respectful orgy? A cleaning fetish party? Or maybe the sacrificial goat left a tell-tale odour?

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That’s what I want to know… I dunno if it’s extra pets, people or what. I usually steam clean the carpet before each guest so I am curious why anyone would leave behind carpet deodorizer. They’re also not supposed to eat in their rooms.

Actually I did wonder subsequently about whether pets were involved. Honestly, I think you should be glad that they made the effort to clean up whatever it was they were doing. You steam clean the carpet after each guest? Goodness, that seems excessive to me! But if you accept pets, I guess it’s necessary.

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I don’t accept pets… that’s the thing.

OK, when you said “extra pets” I thought maybe you did accept them and you maybe suspected they brought more than agreed. Was the place left in a reasonable condition? If so, I’d just shrug, move on and add it to this thread:

So after emptying my vacuum, I spotted short white animal hairs. What did you do when you realized your guests had snuck in pets?

@yen1: I’m struggling with that one too. I don’t allow cats due to allergies. After the guest left, immediately after entering the condo I started sneezing & eyes watering. I discovered a scratched patch of carpet with threads broken, what appeared to be a dried puddle of cat puke, & short hair when I vacuumed. I contacted the guest and asked if they had a pet in the unit. Her response, “No we don’t have any pets”. I sent her pics of the carpet & puddle and asked what she thought caused it. No response. I don’t have cameras. Since I couldn’t prove “cat” I left it out. Guess I’m buying a camera. What a shame.

I just ordered some blink security cameras. Oddly, I did reach out to the previous host of the guest and she said he was quiet and she didn’t see any pet. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a cat. He checked in without a cat apparently. Airbnb says I have 60 days after a stay to penalize a fee for a pet though. You may want to look into that.

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