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Guests leaving a review how do they understand raiting for "Accuracy"?


Like what is supposed to be and how guest actually understand it? Airbnb dont really explain what it it when you are leaving the review



“Accuracy. How accurately did your listing page represent your space?”

That said, the guest can interpret it however they want. I’ve heard of cases where the guest complained that the bedcover in the photo was different than the one on the bed when they stay. Ideally it should only refer to substantial aspects. If you say you have wifi, and a microwave, those should be there. I believe in under promise, over deliver. So I describe my room as small, it’s 10x11 ft. Sometimes when showing the room to the newly arrived guest they tell me it’s large. I can only imagine that’s because they expect “small.”


Me too. But once, when I got only 4 stars for accuracy, I wondered if that was because our place is actually way better than it seems on the listing :wink:

An Airbnb very close to ours used to say ‘a 15 minute stroll to the beach’. If you’re ‘strolling’ then it takes at least 40 minutes. I think that sort of thing would annoy me as a guest assessing accuracy.


People have reported that happening as well.

As time has gone by my ratings overall have improved. I don’t know if that’s because I’m getting more guests who have stayed in an airbnb, or if I’ve gotten better at doing this or if those 340 five star reviews are intimidating. One reason I like having a guest book is for my ego. Guests tend to write very kind, more personal sorts of things in it. Then human nature being nosy as it is, guests read what others have written. Then when it comes time to post a review they are more inclined to review positively, even if they didn’t write in the guest book.


Someone did that to me once!


Me too. This was better than advertised, it was bigger. Therefore, not accurately described. And this was someone I rescued off flipkey! Told them to book through Air, and they turned around and did that, never again. :rofl::rofl:


@Ivan_Joorevic, Was this the only thing where the guest scored you low? If not, it could just be a general 4* for everything. I just had one of those - said the place was great, had a wonderful stay but gave 4* across the board. It’s a fair enough rating in the real world (I’m not a 5* place) but Airbnb is in bizarro world where nothing but 5 counts.


@KKC time to rise the price


@Magwitch this is how airbnb make hosts lower the price, your rating is not good enough for this price etc.
But Accuracy is the only rating which is not clear enough for me


Location! They pick it and the description is clear… then they ping you because they picked it.


@Debthecat what exactly do you mean?


I am in a small regional area, there are 13 entire houses available. I have 4 of them. One guest pinged me because they had to get in their car to go out for dinner! Another pinged me because I wasn’t close enough to their workplace. A third because the house they chose is on a corner so one bedroom is exposed to some traffic noise…they picked the house!


@Debthecat ok they expected you to write in your description “Dont book my house because…” - i got it
i had this before they book house with accurate description and photos and then it doesnt match their expectations


We just had a guest knock off a point for Check In, because our neighbour has a bollard on their front garden area that is close to our driveway (they come with the house, we had all ours removed). These are terraced houses and the drives, front gardens and walkways are clearly indicated. It was suggested that we have a chat with the neighbour about her offending bollard! We were also told that our driveway is only suitable for small cars, which will come as a surprise to all the vans that were properly parked on it when we had building work going on…


@artfulbadger they know better

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