Guest's ID check - how to check guest's ID safely?

Hi! I wonder what to do if the guest isn’t verified and having bad experience with earlier damages with such unverified visitors I wonder how to check whether his name/surname are real, and not fake?

I have a key locker at my flat, and until recently I was just sending guests the code, but now I started to meet them in person, after one nasty guest who damaged a few things, and the booking site didn’t support my side (took his side in fact).

Is there a way to make sure that my guest is who he declares to be at Airbnb (or Bookingcom, for that matter)?

  1. In my house rules I state that I require Govt. Issued photo ids for the booking person and every other person staying in the suite. (I tell them they can mask out their id number.) I request that they send it within 3 days of booking.

  2. I also state in house rules that their Airbnb account photo must be a clear current picture of themselves (not their cat, landscape, etc.)

  3. And , then when they self checkin I check the front entrance camera that is fully disclosed in my listing (not in their space) to confirm that only the people booked arrived and that no pets have entered the suite.

Yes, it’s more work but what I have found is only people who are suspect (i.e.: partiers, hookers, etc ) that are not good actors tend to refuse and try to cancel but alas, I have strict cancellation. These guests are usually the last minute bookers too so I even got the booking fee.


Thanks for your comment - it makes sense to me! I wonder if the normal guests object it, though, as in fact you are taking their sensitive data. That could be an issue in Europe at least, thanks to new privacy laws we’re dealing with in here…

Every so often I have a guest who objects but since it’s in my house rules, no one if forcing them to book. Also, I say that can mask out their ID number so all I really have is the full name of everyone in the suite and sometimes the correct address. I’m in the US so I don’t know if this would be illegal in Europe.

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