Guests having sex in a private room

I am a new host here. I got a reservation from a female guest for one night for a room in my house. She said she and her boyfriend will be “discreet”. I met them to check in. Later in the night when I was going to sleep around 12:30 am I heard them come back to the room and making very suggestive noises. I was wondering if this is normal and something I should expect. It felt weird to me as if they booked the room just for that. I love having tourists but these are not the kind I would want to host. Thankfully it was just a night. What kind of review would you leave for them?

Now to put on some gloves and clean that room.

Love your name! Well, that sounds like it could have been a lady-of-the-night Craigslist booking. :slight_smile: Boyfriend indeed! Don’t allow one-nighters to single people who tell you they will be bringing a BF for a rendezvous! Yikes! However, I must add that since she did disclose her intentions, at least she was being honest with you. It had red flags all over it. You should have declined that one from the get go. Next time you’ll know!

PS: Did you rent to one or two? If to only one, then your guest violated your house rules by bringing a second person back. Discrete my Ar*se! :wink:

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Haha, thanks @konacoconutz ! Well, her inital message to me was something like this - My boyfriend and I are coming from Montreal and plan to spend some time in your city before Christmas to do some shopping. we will probably be discreet and we will not spend that much time in your place.

She did state there will be two people in the reservation. I rent to max two people. Anyway, that message led me to believe that she is saying she won’t get in our way since it’s only a one night stay. Also, Montreal is about 6 hours away. Lol, was I so wrong. I will start charging an extra person fee now that I realise some couples might do this and not give me any warning in their inquiry.

When couples go away - they have SEX. As a host, you must accept that there will be sex in the rental room. That being said, it is likely that this couple Needed to be discreet for one of many possible personal reasons.
I you can hear noises from the guest room, the I suggest that you invest in solid ear plugs and use them.


What can I tell you, people have sex in all kind of places/ cars, beach, even airplane bathrooms In a movies., hotels. To have sex in a rented room is as natural as it gets.,
I hear noises from my 2 rooms and they are not just noises form conversation. Some are so explicit that we giggle with my husband.,
In March we had spring breakers, all in their 20s. Hormones were flying in the air. I was finding condoms every single time I cleaned, some in a garbage bin, some under beds. I know it’s gross, but what could I do. Put pn gloves and threw them away.
They were all couples, from all over Europe.

I had one nighter, locals, repeated guests, who were coming just for a few hours. Very young, probably still leaving with parents, just looking for a place to do just that. They did not even stayed the nite.
None of them were hookers with paid clientele, I don’t think so.
I really don’t see how any host can prevent sexual activities in their rentals. It’s just not realistic.