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Guests has visitors (against house rules)

I dunno, booking for 3 and having 7 show up (confirmed that 7 actually stayed the weekend via camera footage) is not “glossing over fine print”. But maybe I’d understand if they were drunk and invited people back. Either way, IMO it’s their fault for not understanding what they were booking.

On top of that, I tried to collect a deposit from her to use our spa and after a week back and forth I couldn’t get her to figure it out (even directed her to ABB customer service after I sent the request). Extended my deadline for accepting it, etc. After which I lock up the pool remote. Well, they took it upon themselves to go into my pool equipment and turn things on manually (who does that?!). I caught them doing it last night via my pool app and messaged her both on ABB and the provided number but no response. To me that’s stealing. Had she messaged me “I’m so sorry about the deposit is there any way we can use the spa?” It would be a totally different conversation.

Also, just because someone has “other good reviews” doesn’t mean they deserve another one.

Have you actually spoken to these guests?

I’m a bit confused here. If I’m getting this right, you saw the extra guests on Saturday night. It’s now Monday. They’ve checked out now, right?

You’ve not yet told us how you (or your co-host) dealt with them, what they said etc. etc.

I’m trying not to blow the situation out of proportion (although when it first happened I was - hopefully understandably - upset and emotional about it). I didn’t go to the house - as they weren’t throwing a rager or disturbing the neighbors. I also want to walk a fine line of “we were watching you on our security cameras”. Our house is the same price for 6 (with $25 extra per night for a 7th) so they weren’t exceeding our overall max guest count, but were not clear about how many guests were there. It’s highly possible that in their minds things are just fine and they were good guests.

Last night, what I did notice is that they put our pool into service mode via our pool service panel (something I apparently need to put a lock on). Our pool guide shows someone how to use the pool remote (something I locked up because she did not pay the propane deposit). For all I know there is $200 sitting on the counter for the spa use. Regardless, when I saw service mode was turned on (which can damage the pool if you don’t know what you’re doing), I messaged her via ABB and her provided phone number but did not get a response. Since it auto switches back out of service mode after 4 hours, and I didn’t have any proof that they were doing any harm, I didn’t feel it was necessary to go on site or call her. Check out time is in 2 hours, and I plan on driving up then (and having our pool guy stop by to check the pool/spa) to ensure no damage was done.

At the end of the day, a big portion of the issue was really awful communication on her end. My plan is to charge them for the 7th guest only ($100 per night ala my house rules) + the cost of propane used and any extra cleaning/damage if necessary.

I hope that helps clear things up!

Maybe someone can help me out here (because I’ve never had to do it) - when a guest brings one person too many, can the host add a charge after the guests have left? Especially when the host was aware of it via cameras right from the first night?

It does, thank you. I’d been under the impression that there were four extra guests to charge for . Apologies. :slight_smile:

Ya I was probably confusing amidst my anger yesterday, my apologies :wink: If I were to stick to our home rules, I could charge for the 4 extra guests (as they were 4 more than she booked for), but it seems excessive. And the rule is really not about the money so much as it is to deter large parties (and costs associated with that for extra utilities, potential issues with our septic system, etc.)

I hope ABB would mediate in my favor on this one, as I clearly have the 7th guest extra charge set up in my settings, but we’ll see!

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You’re dealing with this in a really even-handed way.

You didn’t perceive the extra guests as a party/destruction issue, so charging for one guest after the stay is reasonable. Ideally she’d leave a review first and THEN you you request $$.

Her communication is ABYSMAL. I don’t like that she tried to circumvent your pool system and was unresponsive to your message. That’s really un-cool.

I understand some people think they’ve reserved a space they’re entitled to fill with whomever doing whatever they like. I can’t abide.
I will never be okay with folks bringing more than they reserved. “You want entry for 7 but your reservation says 3? Please watch this educational video and then tell me how many people are staying at my house.”


Thank you for your message! This was after a lot of “therapy” from my very calm/collected husband (we balance each other out lol). This video is hilarious!

And I know – I mean she booked a week and a half in advance, so I can’t imagine a lot could change in between that time. And she had 4 previous reviews so that tells me she’s used ABB a decent amount at least. Sighhh…

My only saving grace was yesterday I had a group at my other property leave me a really lovely review and private message and that helped make me feel a bit better :slight_smile:

I really really wish ABB would position themselves as such. In other words, supporting and messaging to the affect of “hey you’re staying in someone’s private home, please be respectful of their rules, etc”. I’m sure it will keep swaying to the benefit of the guests, but we can dream right? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Just wanted to send an update in case anyone was curious or if this topic comes up in the future. Guest checked out, house was mostly fine with some exceptions (didn’t clean our gas grill, left the propane to the grill on, red wine stains on pool towels even when we leave out stain remover and access to our washer and dryer!, scorched a pan, used my off-white bath towels when cooking food?!).

Anyway, I decided to request payment for the propane used to heat the spa, an hour of extra cleaning (even though it’s going to take longer than that to work on stains and the pan), and $300 for the 7th guest ($100/day x 3), oh and money for the ruined pool towel. We’ll see if they accept and/or what AirBNB says.

Appreciate the support and guidance from this forum. This was our first real guest at this house (less friends and family) and we just spent $200k on adding a pool, gate, fence, all brand new furnishings, small remodels, etc. so it was quite emotional for me. Hoping that will subside quickly:) Luckily I’m married to a man who is the complete opposite and is very good at calming me down :rofl: It’s just so hard because I/we don’t do this to make money (although it’s a nice benefit) but I truly do like providing guests with a nice place to stay during their vacation!

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Yes. Based on advice from this forum I have started waiting until the 14 day review period is over in order to levy the fines for unauthorized guests and other rule infractions (when I have video/camera proof and it is not damage related where I would have to claim before next guest). I no longer get the retaliatory bad reviews that were standard previously when I charged the guest right away.


I don’t understand why you wouldn’t enforce your own house rules, regardless of the reason you put them in or whether the guest caused other damage or not.

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I’m assuming you’re referring to the guest count? I felt like it was excessive to charge $100 per extra guest when we don’t charge anything for up to 6 guests. If they had 8 or 9 I would have been more harsh, but at the end of the day we do allow 7 guests and they didn’t have more than that. I am claiming the $100 per night for the 7th guest (but still no response from ABB).

All invited guests need to be on the reservation. You arent covered by the Airbnb host guarantee for uninvited guests. Those guests also aren’t covered by Airbnb’s insurance should anything happen to them. Should they do any damage to your property, Airbnb isn’t liable because its the same as inviting a stranger in off of the street.

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Thanks, I actually wasn’t aware of this. I mean, I knew that the guests wouldn’t be covered if there were any issues but didn’t know it also applied the other way around. We’ll see what AirBNB says…

Another update here – resolution center claims they have not been able to get a hold of our guest, so they “cannot make the guest pay for [our claim]”. I’m so confused by this, as if any guest would admit to stealing something. How is it legal for AirBNB to withhold our security deposit? At the very least, I have obvious proof (video + pictures of the propane gauge) that they stole $50 of propane from me. I know, this is a small amount, but why on earth does AirBNB need to talk to the guest when I’ve provided the evidence?

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They don’t hold the deposit! They need approval from the guest to charge the card.
If the guest won’t agree then you go to resolutions and you push until you are paid something

UGH! Ya she just responded that she’s “pushing to a higher department”. This almost makes me want to require my own damn security deposit! WTF!

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And you cannot do that either - quick way to be removed from the platform

Oh I know, haha, but wish I could!

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The guest didn’t steal your propane. They wasted it. They were invited to be there and allowed to use that equipment.

I’m not really tracking why your spa could use $50 of propane in one day. My spa uses $60 of propane max per month with regular use, in the winter when its cold. Thats a 300 gallon spa. A propane grill probably doesn’t even have enough BTU’s to use up that much propane in that short of a time unless all of the burners were left on full the whole time. Normally a propane grill only has a small tank attached to it though and those aren’t even $50 to fill. So I’m at a loss here with the propane thing. None of it makes sense.

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