Guests hanging around unit before check in

I have a guest who originally wanted to check in 5 hours early (9am request, check out of the unit is 11am) so I told him that I would offer him a discounted rate to book the room for 1 night earlier so the room is ready for him at 9am when he lands.

He declined the offer. But said they would just " hang around outside" until check in time.

Now this could be a language thing, or he could actually mean that they show up and hang out. I’ve had 2 sets of travelers who have showed up early only and walked around the yard peaking in windows (lordy, lordy) and then sat on the front porch for an hour (can you say AWKWARD) and the other ones parked their car in the designated parking spot (while the current guests were out grabbing coffee… Major Headache!)

SOOoooo what can I say to this newest guest to prevent him from literally hanging out at the house until check in…

Lol pretty simple.

Check in is 11am. If you arrive early feel free to look around the neighbourhood until check in time.

@guthend would turn in his grave at that response mind you.


But I don’t want them to park at my house or hang around my house

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Just ask him what he means by hang around. Just be firm and repeat your check in time and suggest a local restaurant or park where they can wait. Or just decline them.

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Why would they park at your house or hang around your house if you’ve told them you can’t check them in until x time?

I assume you have cafes etc in your neighbourhood or is it 100% residential ?

Because guests are dumb


I don’t really get your answer. You message guest telling them check in is 11.

Guest arrives at 9 am. Sorry your room isn’t ready feel free to look around the neighbourhood/ enjoy a local cafe until 11.

How does that become hanging around your house unless you let them in?

I’ve had several attempts to arrive early and I’ve turned them away every time.

I think she means hanging around outside her house.

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Don’t really see how you can stop anyone from doing that. I’d just reiterate firmly that the listing won’t be ready until x time.

Yes. That’s correct. I had guests sitting on the porch watching me vacuum. I don’t want them to interfere with the privacy of other guests. My husband is also a virtual medical provider so they can hear him speaking with patients. I’ve also had them wandering around my yard peaking into the windows of the other unit we have. I just don’t know how to ask them politely to please stay off the premises until check in time.

I totally get it, I would not want that either, I think it’s weird. That said, I would ask him to clarify what he means by hang around. Just play dumb and say I’m sorry I’m not sure what you mean by …

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I genuinely don’t think you can; it’s part and parcel of hosting. I have had guests wait outside for 40 minutes and I’ve just ignored it and got on with my day.

It’s similar to my current issue which is guests constantly soaking the bathroom fooor despite being asked not to. At some point there’s no point repeating yourself it just has to go in the review.

There’s no way you can force people to be considerate and respectful of you and your property. If you tell them and they ignore it… what other recourse is there …

Maybe just put that into your house rules.


If guests are traveling and their arrival time doesn’t match well with my checkin time then I always tell them they can drop their luggage off, go do what they need to do, and come back later. They love it because it really sucks to be schlepping luggage around. It gets the host/guest relationship off to a great start with no inconvenience to me.


Hi @Brittany_Anderson

Actually I see your point.

I would include in your message to guests. My check in is from XXX. If you are arrive in the area earlier I recommend this cafe/this attraction/this left luggage place. Please do not turn up at the premises earlier (including grounds) /park there as this spoils the enjoyment of our accommodation for our other guests who have paid to stay there until their agreed checkout time.


Yes, totally agree with this!!
It may not help with this particular guest, but will in the future.
I suggest just sending the guest a message via ABB stating exactly what you said.
Hi (name of guest), just a reminder that guests are not allowed on the property until check in time.


oh my!!! I have had this too. Real awkward for them to be sitting up there looking into my house and waiting. Really, that is so rude, so rude.

I think I would just tell them that they cannot check in early and this also means they can’t come onto the property until check in time.

I’m super strict about it and hardly ever ever get anyone asking.

Surprised to hear you are busy on the east side! I’m dead over here. Glad the hurricane bopped on by. :laughing::tada::desert_island::palm_tree::beach_umbrella::pineapple::volcano::rainbow::parasol_on_ground::+1:


Where is Mr. Early Check In these days?! :rofl::rofl::rofl::laughing:


I never let them in early. It’s like trying to put the genie back in the bottle. They look around and ask, well why can’t we just stay, we are here.

Then also there is the downside of having guests see the place when it’s not really ready for prime time yet. That’s what they will remember. Their first impression.

Having guests do this is a major inconvenience and I don’t allow it.


In Tokyo residential areas, tourists hanging around the building, disturbing neighbors and generally getting in the way are prime fodder for complaints about your STR. Don’t allow it.