Guests from hell


All things considered, it could be much worse. They could have caused actual damage that would cost the host future bookings. Airbnb might have paid for some of the physical damage but they aren’t going to make up for lost business.

Now that this is international news I’d expect Airbnb to compensate Lee and I’d also expect to see more of this kind of copycat retaliatory behavior. Guests should know that they will be held accountable when they do this kind of thing.


People hate to be told no, the entitlement is off the charts. No you cannot cancel so they turn on the water and leave. And the gas? seems like they wanted to blow the place up.


They left the windows open. I’m surprised no one reported the smell in the neighborhood.


Glad to see ‘guests’ pilloried for a change. Altho this is pure clickbait, it ever so slightly balances against the hundreds of ‘evil host’ stories promoted by a media thirsty for conflict.

We all know that guests become childlike and throw hissy fits if they do not get what they perceive as their ‘right’ to money. Good to see one in the news.


Maybe by “left the gas on”, they mean that they left all the stove burners, oven, gas heat, on. In which case it wouldn’t have an odor.

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Noting the lack of support from Airbnb and Aircover for this malicious act

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Yes- Airbnb told him they don’t cover extra utility cost, but this isn’t like a guest who is actually staying simply turning the heat up quite high because they are comfortable at that temperature, or like to walk around in tank tops and shorts in the dead of winter. This utility usage seems like it should fall under willful and malicious damage, even if it isn’t physical damage to the property.


And I just wonder about the headspace of these ‘guests’ that think it was ok to do this to a host because they followed their cancellation policies?
To come back just to run up the costs further….
Truly horrible people!
Was it the hosts fault that they didn’t research the location properly?
The listing was probably cheaper because it wasn’t in the city centre……
Really feeling for the host