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Guests dont like Budapest


It’s not any different in Wales is it? Never pick up a mini-cab on the street (just black cabs).


It’s illegal for mini cabs to pick customers up from the street in the UK, they must be pre-booked.


Yes that was my point @Snowdon . It is no different in Budapest, than it is here, or elsewhere in Europe. You don’t pick up a mini-cab on the street.


If that is the case then there might indeed be something wrong with reality not meeting expectations. I would include pictures of the exterior of the house, the staircase as well as the local neighbourhood in the listing. You need yo make sure that guests know exactly what they are signing up to. In your description you can use terms like rustic, shabby chic, vintage etc. But the photographs really need to give you a sense in his run down things are. If you do that then hopefully the reviews will improve. Also, overdeluverinh helps: free coffee, bottles of water, flowers etc.


If they have Uber use it. Much safer alternative.

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