Guests dont like Budapest

2 months ago we installed a NEW shower room including the taps.
I was very proud of it, and expected good feedback.

  • Instead guest lied and moaned…said the shower was rusty - which is impossible as its brand new
  • She moaned the toilet was too small - how big a toilet do you expect in a 32sqm apartment?
  • She also moaned that the taxi service in Budapest is mafia controlled - which it is - but what am I meant to do about that??? I warned her and gave her 3 numbers for good legal taxi services.
  • She didn’t like the area = we are 20mins WALK to the city center the major clubs and main tourist district, the location is correct on air b and b maps. It is truthfully described as 20mins walk or 8min bus ride. She could of used google maps before booking.
  • She moaned that the building is old - of course its old, its 172 years old and most of the buildings in Budapest are crumbling castles, we are the 5th poorest country in the EU. My listing shows photos of the building. But the building is safe, clean, with nice neighbors.

Air b and b refunded her for a 5 night stay!

This is the 2nd time in 2 months - first women moaned that we have Roma, of course we do, they make up 10% of the population of Hungary. Actually the Roma in my building are fine, they go to work, their kids go to school, they are clean, not typical bad Roma, there are 50 families in my building, 40 Hungarians, 1 Slovenian, 1 Dutch, 6 Roma and 1 German. Am I meant to list the ethnic make up of my building?
She also moaned that Budapest seems poor and run down compared to Vienna - it is! - but what does this have to do with my apartment?

I am at a loss, pillows I can replace ect, but what am I meant to do about these issues, this is Eastern Central Europe and we are a poor country.

They’re just insensitive and racist tourists. Unfair that Airbnb refunded guests for the five night stay. Hang in there. Hopefully, your next few guests will be awesome.


I’m so sorry that you’ve had this experience. Some people should never travel, they should just stay at home and look at documentaries about other countries on TV. You should dispute the refund given to them, it doesn’t sound fair at all.


I did! I sent air b and b photos and the bill from the repair man to show when it was last replaced, we spent over 1000usd on a new shower room, so I thought it was unfair and air b and b should remove it, but they didnt.

what country is your guest from? I’m sorry but he/she sounds like a racist bastard who just wanted to stay at your house for free. I hope you gave her a bad review!

Hopefully you would get better guests. Budapest is beautiful. I only visited during communist times and still found it very safe and very beautiful. would like to go back some day. Perhaps I’ll stay with you :slight_smile:


How many reviews do you have so far? It’s really tough to get bad ones early on :frowning: If you’re willing to share the link to your place, there are plenty of people on here who will give you constructive advice.

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Both times the guests were from Spain.

I usually get guests from Eastern Europe, as we are a little cheaper than the apartments right in the city center. All the Poles, Slovaks, Bulgarians and even the Germans we have had have said how lovely my apartment is and the location is bearable, nice parks, good transport, ect and have given 4/5 or 5/5.

We had Americans stay and they only gave us 3/5 too.

I am sensing culture differences.


24 excellent or very good - but all from Eastern Europeans.
3 bad from westerners.

hm… you probably got those who don’t travel and had no idea how other people live in other country or expect everything to be like home.

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OK. Don’t jump to conclusions, though. “Westerners” is quite a wide demographic…! Were they American? Living in old buildings can be a shock sometimes for the less travelled.

edit I see this has already been covered.

What you have written here inspires me to see Budapest!
just turn this post around a little bit,
don’t advertise to the affluent,
here I go…

" Come and visit us in Budapest!"
Our 172 year old building is bustling with ethnic diversity; there are 50 families in my building, 40 Hungarians, 1 Slovenian, 1 Dutch, 6 Roma and 1 German. Our building is safe, clean, with nice neighbours. We are 20min WALK or 8min bus ride to the city center the major clubs and main tourist district. We are an Eastern Central Europe, a poor country, but our hospitality is genuine.

Something like that…perhaps you will attract travellers whom want to immerse themselves in your culture.:earth_africa:


@robin1 you nailed it! @Victoria_Howard I think that’s the right approach to get guests who appreciate new experiences.

Thats a great idea! Thank you, sounds so much better than the way I recently reworded it. You should work in marketing!

@Victoria_Howard post something like this on Twitter and you’ll get their attention: “airbnb refunded a guest who complained about the minorities and the poorness of my country. I thought airbnb was against racism :face_with_monocle:


I am sorry you had a bad experience with some of your guests and they complained some of your neighbours were Roma, but please don’t reinforce racist stereotypes about ‘Roma’ people.


I’d missed that. Thank you, @Helsi.

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At the risk of profiling, I have only hosted one set of guests from Spain. I got a 4* review because the bedroom did not have air conditioning …in Wales!

Handy to know about the Taxis though, I am visiting Budapest in 4 weeks time to see Wales v Hungary and very much looking forward to it. :slight_smile:

Hello @Victoria_Howard , very sad that experience with those guests. I consider Budapest a magnificent city. Its cultural heritage, architecture, gastronomy, the hectic cultural life, everything has led me to always want to spend my vacations there and over time I have acquired two properties that I rent when I’m not in the city.
I can not believe Air has given these guests a refund. I think you should try again to discuss the case with another CS person. Or directly expose the case of discrimination against people who live in your building on tweeter or fb, they will ask for information and take the case with someone more specialized in the subject. Wish you all the best.

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Hello @Snowdon, the general recommendation is not to take any taxi on the street, advice that is not only necessary to take into account only in a certain European city. At the airport you will not have problems, the official company that has a large counter in the arrival area will calculate your fare when you tell them the address of your accommodation and will give you a ticket with the printed value, this will be what you should pay to the driver. Nice trip to Budapest!


Thanks @Mirta_Gubetta, I am actually part of the official fans trip and we’re travelling from Croatia as there’s a game there 3 days prior so it’s busses to the hotel. Handy to now to be careful during our free time in the city though. :slight_smile:

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