Guests don't know address, and possibly internet password

when I registered this listing, I filled in details, address and wifi password. I’ve only had 2 guests, each have contacted me for full address in advance. This evenings guests asked for address and once here, wifi password.
Don’t they get that information forwarded? Are they just a bit doofus? I’m not sure how to find out, other than booking into my own place,

Few ask for address; a bunch ask for internet password. I tell them it’s on a card in the room. If they want it sooner they can look for it on Airbnb.

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Hi @Barns, you can see the information that guests are receiving after a booking is confirmed, if you look under "your reservations"and then choose "print confirmation, you will see all the information available for them, address, check in check out times, house rules, internet passwords etc. But sometimes they are too lazy, they just ask.


Yep - all there on their itinerary- but they don’t READ!


Browsing these posts, I’m starting to sense that people don’t read! haha

Anyone have any ideas on how to get people to read?!

It’s impossible… You can only control what you do, not what your guests do. Proceed accordingly.


I have never been asked for my address. I don’t give out the Wifi password until they have checked in. I also do not give them the key code for the front door until they have checked in. Why would I want to give them them out in advance when they could cancel so easily?

In 7 yrs., I have only been asked for the address twice and the WiFi password twice…different sets of guests from Missouri. (Thus the red-flags post a while back.)

Otherwise, I inform the guests that two weeks prior to arrival, I will send them an email with the address, arrival instructions specific to arriving via the lobby or parking garage, entry code to the condo, contact phone numbers for the housecleaner (and me, if she is unreachable), and the WiFi passcode.

In their reviews, guests almost always mention how thorough and informative I am. (pat-pat-pat) … :blush:


Never, ever, give out your address to any potential guest, for any conceivable reason. Unless you don’t mind people wandering around your yard at all hours “checking the place out before we book”, or package pirates raiding your front step, or thieves, or other less savory characters…

“All that information is written on your official Travel Itinerary from AirBnb.”


Yes, I think they’re “a bit doofus”.

Why telling them to read the card? It comes a little passive aggressive at time. I simply use a canned reply with all the house info and send it.

It takes less time to deal with it and the guest loves it. Instead of sending them to look for a card…


You need to qualify your statement because it doesn’t always apply.

My rental is a condo in a high-rise in a fly-to destination. Your concerns evaporate under those conditions. There is no problem giving out the address and access info in advance.

Do you mean before the booking is confirmed? Or after?

First, it’s on their reservation, they can find it there if they need it before they check in. Why they would need it before they check in, I don’t know. I assume they are just casually asking because they have never been here before or maybe they haven’t used Airbnb before. Second, 99% of them who ask are in the room already. If I’m in the room with them I point to the card and say “it’s on the card.” If I’m in my part of the house because they’ve let themselves in I tell the it’s on the card by the bed. What is the difference between reading the card in the room and reading my text or Airbnb message.

It takes less time than sending a “canned reply” (which I hate and almost never use) and I have zero complaints.

Just a reminder, Oded: I live here. Unlike you I don’t host remotely so maybe the way you run your listing doesn’t apply to how I run mine. Each guest here gets a personalized experience.

I have a laminated arrival card they see. First thing on it is the wifi password. Number 2 is the name of the cat which might follow them in. These are the thing most guests want to know straight away. A friend of mine who travels for work and uses airbnb a lot said hosts should always leave the wifi ssid/password on a card right when guests come in and can easily see it so their fomo can be assuaged.

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Hi there,

So many people ask for the WiFi password that I now write it automatically on my welcome note. It’s true that they may have not read up, but in the same breath, they may arrive tired or under the weather and heck, I’m right there!

I’m rarely asked for an address in advance prior to booking, though I do provide the postal code (i.e. zip code). If they have a specific destination they want to visit, I will also provide the walk/drive time from Google.

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Yep - there’s a high doofus factor going on with Airbnb guests. I’ve found that the under-thirties are the daftest but that’s probably just me.

The guests get an emailed itinerary from Airbnb that gives your exact address and full information including the wifi stuff.

I have a business card with my phone number (for texts) and the wifi info which I leave in the apartment on the dining table. If guests ask for it before they arrive, I just tell them that the details will be in the apartment.


Ugh-I just had a Superhost couple who has three properties show up to my property and do all the things newbies would do. Before that the wife (her name is on the account) asked me multiple questions that were already answered in my listing. She then asked me how far ALL her desired tourist destinations were from my house as she couldn’t decide whether to get a car or take cabs. The day before arrival I was told that they would start heading to mine after they landed at 10:30AM, and oh is it okay if they can come drop their luggage off at the house. (Check-in is at 3:00PM and it clearly states in our listing that there is no early luggage drop-off). No I don’t want to get dressed properly for you, no I don’t want you to see me in my hair net while I’m cleaning the room, no, no, no! (I didn’t say that of course). When they finally show up at 9:30PM they decide to wait till they are at the door to tell me that they do not have the email I sent them on the day of booking (I sent it and it asks them to let us know immediately if they didn’t get it after booking) nor do they have the code for the door (hello, it’s in the Airbnb app or if you knew you weren’t going to be using a data plan you could have printed out your info before you came). So I got dressed after being in bed to let them in because I’m sure the next message was I cannot figure out the smart lock!


I’m tempted now to change my wifi password to uradoofus

Guest ‘’ Hey just reaching out to you to ask what’s the wifi password!’’

Me ‘’ sure its…